Jim Ross comments on Ryback, Adam Rose, and explains why Steve Austin isn’t interviewing Shane McMahon on WWE Network


imagesWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.’s BBQ products, visit WWEShop.com.

Ross on Ryback: “I read Ryback’s take on the matter and his thoughts on how WWE talents should be paid. While I support and encourage Ryback expressing himself if that is something that he absolutely feels is necessary to do but I do not concur with paying every one equally and on a salary, in essence. Talents have different skill sets and they all bring something unique to the team and some of those contributions are simply worth more money than the contributions of others. In the NFL, Quarterbacks are paid more than centers, for example, and we can all agree that it would be hard for QB’s to function without a good center but they step up to different pay windows as they should. Tom Brady isn’t going to work for what his center’s earning.”

Powell’s POV: Ross wrote more about the Ryback situation and it’s a must read given that JR handled WWE payroll for many years. It was hard to tell, but some have suggested that Ryback was arguing that wrestlers deserve equal pay to the person they are working a match with. While I certainly feel there are times when wrestlers should be paid the same for working the same match, there are too many other times where it’s illogical. Hulk Hogan worked some main events against Sika. With all due respect to Sika, the fans were there to see Hogan, so of course he made more money. Some have argued “equal pay for equal work.” Prince made more than his bandmates. A big named actor will make more money than a lesser named co-star. Harrison Ford is rumored to have made $27.5 million for his role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Variety had a report claiming he was paid 50 times more than his co-stars. So this isn’t just the way things are done in pro wrestling, it’s the way things are done in the entertainment industry and in other walks of life.

Ross on Steve Austin: “Steve Austin is not doing the next post RAW ‘podcast’ with Shane McMahon because he’s not quite up to traveling after having major, rotator cuff surgery a few days ago. Steve is in a very restrictive sling on his right arm and only got the stitches removed from his shoulder a day or two ago. There is no doubt that Mick Foley will do a stellar job going one on one with Shane in what should be a infotaining piece of business. Austin went into WM32 with a slight tear in his right shoulder but it completely tore on the first punch with which Steve nailed Rusev.”

Powell’s POV: Austin will be missed because he does a great job with the network interviews. When the news first broke, I wondered whether they went with Foley because WWE was getting into the podcast game, and they couldn’t use Austin or Jericho because they have deals with Podcast One. Obviously, that’s not the case, but the question remains why WWE hasn’t gotten into the podcast game beyond their WrestleMania series that Renee Young hosted.

Ross on Adam Rose: “Off topic but I suggest that all talents that have Wellness Policy violations in WWE should stay off social media. Just saying. One more thing…Doctor’s notes should be typed if at all possible.”

Powell’s POV: Okay, so Ross didn’t list Rose by name, but I don’t know of any other wrestlers who were suspended for Wellness Policy violations and posted their doctor’s note online. If Rose is going to push it, then Rose needs to provide all the facts. He hasn’t even shared documentation that lists what he was suspended for. And if he wants to set the record straight for his children, then he should also take a moment to address why he was previously suspended. I’m not saying Rose doesn’t have a case, I’m simply saying he hasn’t provided enough information.

Other topics include The Briscos entering a Hall of Fame, New Japan on AXS return date, Okla-Mania with Sting and many more.


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