Lashley on Bound For Glory, his next Bellator fight, his favorite Impact Wrestling matches

Impact Wrestling’s Lashley spoke with Tom Feaheny. The following are among the highlights of the interview, which can be viewed in full at

On Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory: “It’s a big show for us, it’s going to be fun for the crowd, we are looking for a new market, it’s very important, the Canadian market is a good one for us, we have done stuff in India, the UK, Ottawa though could become are new base. With all change you see pros and cons, a couple of things have changed that some weren’t happy about but on the whole we were, we have a roster now that performed for whoever the owners are, we are now on a path to grow.”

On his next Bellator fight: “There is something being discussed, if it happens I’m excited, I’d like to fight with Bellator in December, I still want to fight, I have the competitive edge, there are some I want to fight, if they don’t happen the aim is to win gold.”

On the matches he has enjoyed in Impact Wrestling: “I look back I enjoyed my time in the ring with Kurt Angle, Drew, Jeff Hardy, Eddie Edwards is a phenomenal wrestler, I have a thing with Moose as well.”

Other topics include his future plans, how much fighting and wrestling means to him, and the changes at Impact Wrestling.



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