Moore’s NXT TV Hit List: Street Profits vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch for the NXT Tag Team Championship, Jordan Myles vs. Boa in a first round Breakout Tournament match, Killian Dain, Io Shirai

By John Moore, Staffer (@liljohnm)


Street Profits vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch for the NXT Tag Titles: A fun television main event. We’ve seen better from both teams. What was missing was the frenetic match pace that have become a staple in both team’s matches. That criticism aside, this was still well wrestled and they did a nice job with Angelo Dawkins being the selling guy with Ford as the hot tag. The ending sequence was pretty fun and it did a good job establishing the Profits’ finishing sequence. The post match clapping of Undisputed Era at the top of the ramp also sets up a future Takeover-worthy match between Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly and the Profits.

Jordan Myles vs. Boa in a Breakout Tournament match: Not as crisp as the other two tournament matches due to Boa’s inexperience. Boa wasn’t terrible though and I really like his move toolkit. The guy says he’s into Muay Thai and Jujitsu and he showed both types of moves. The big weakness of his game at this point is the prolonged rest holds. On the other side, I actually came out of the match liking the former ACH, who usually annoys me when he goes into hyper-weeaboo mode. I’m usually a huge supporter of pro wrestler weeaboos, otakus, or cosplayers (like Xavier Woods, Keith Lee, Mansoor, Low Ki, Kenny Omega, Brennan Williams, Jack Evans, etc). ACH just always oversteps the weeaboo line so much that I always rooted for Silas Young to destroy him. Anyway, he didn’t go overboard and was actually pretty fun with his little otaku references. Bonus points for saying he’s from Austin, Texas and not “Planet Vegeta”.

Killian Dain: NXT is continuing their weekly streak of meaningful character profile promos. This one was integrated into Dain’s weekly hype vignette. I didn’t expect to hear a backstory of gang violence, Irish car bombings, being inside of a burning house, and dead classmates.

Io Shirai: Simple and sweet. They didn’t ask Io to do a lot. Two things really stood out as positive. One positive was the huge crowd reaction in that they showered her in boos. The other positive is Io completely changing her entire presentation with the heel turn. It would have been a bit jarring if she came out to her upbeat DDR sounding music. She also brought back the Black Lotus Triad look that she had when she had her short heel stint in Lucha Underground. Below is her full match against Pentagon Jr., which was actually pretty good (but also note that it is an intergender match if you’re not into that type of match. That and Vampiro is having one of his “off” nights on commentary).

NXT TV Misses

Damien Priest vs. Blanco Loco: I got a kick out of Blanco Loco, but I find a lot of enhancement acts hilarious when they have nice quirks to them. This was harmless, but it also didn’t do much to add to Damien Priest’s characterization yet. It wasn’t horrible, just didn’t add much.

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