Moore’s WWE 205 Live Hit List: Lucha House Party vs. TJP and Mike Kanellis in a Christmas Tornado Tag Match, Ariya Daivari’s in-ring return, Drew Gulak vs. The Brian Kendrick

By John Moore, Staffer (@liljohnm)

WWE 205 Live Hits

Lucha House Party vs. Mike Kanellis and TJP: This match had all the warning signs of a Vince McMahon “Sports Entertainment” crapfest with all the focus on pinatas and campy toys at ringside. The four wrestlers managed to make this a fun match. What may turn people off is the Joey Ryan esque “Not” Thumbtack spot. The luchadores provided the high flying while TJP and Mike had good ground game tandem offense on their end. On top of that, Maria was at ringside drawing tons of heat with her expert yelling. Are WWE giving up on Mike Kanellis and TJP already as the WWE version of “The Kingdom” because the loss was pretty decisive? Either that, or I hope these two find their way to NXT. Don’t send them to Raw, because Raw sucks these days and Maria would be great on Smackdown but I don’t want to see her overshadow Zelina Vega who has similar heel talents. NXT would also allow Mike Bennett to shine on the microphone which gets lost in the shuffle a lot of times due to his wife. Can we get a return of “Miracle” Mike Bennett instead of Kingdom Mike Bennett?

No LHP House Rules: Despite the random AOP[eePee] jab thrown around now and then, I do like that Paul Levesque booked shows remain logical and non-connected to the clustermess known as WWE Raw.

Buddy Murphy: A basic interview segment with Drake Maverick, but it’s one of the few showings were Murphy got to look like a champion and like a heel. I would like to see Murphy ramp up the arrogance a bit because I do remember this guy having good heel arrogance when I saw him in the NXT house show circuit.

Ariya Daivari vs. Clay Roberts: The obligatory mid-show enhancement match. It helps when the enhancement wrestlers look like enhancement wrestlers because of the default sympathy. It only lasted about a minute but it looks like they’re finally giving Daivari the character reboot that a handful of wrestlers got on the “new” (Post Enzo firing) 205 Live. I like the aggression Daivari showed here. Stiffness, short-arm palm strikes, and logical ref stoppages always get a hit in my book. Looking forward to not only this Daivari and Hideo Itami pairing, but it will be cool seeing Daivari taken seriously for the first time in his WWE career.

WWE 205 Live Misses

Drew Gulak vs. The Brian Kendrick: I really wanted to put this in the Hit column due to match quality. It was a really good match in terms of in-ring quality. They even managed to wake up a crowd that could have cared less initially. The miss is two-fold. One, this feud is continuing. All four wrestlers are really talented, but I feel like these wrestlers have been feuding forever in some form. The second detractor is Kendrick needing promo time to endear himself to the crowd because he hasn’t really redefined himself as a babyface other than Drew Gulak betraying him that one time.

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