4/5 Moore’s Impact Wrestling TV Review: Moose vs. Eli Drake for the World Championship and Tag Team Title Feast or Fired briefcases, Taiji Ishimori vs. Johnny Impact, Bobby Lashley vs Brian Cage, the “Road to Redemption” documentary, Allie vs. Su Yung

By John Moore, Prowrestling.net Staffer (@liljohnm)

Impact Wrestling on PopTV
Taped January 2018 in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios

Eli Drake and Moose were shown carrying their briefcases into the Impact arena. The intro teaser aired which focused on Brian Cage vs. Lashley which was happening again on this episode. The teaser then teased a video package on this episode which will focus on Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron in their daily life in preparation for the Redemption PPV…

Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt were the commentary team for this episode of Impact. Bobby Lashley made his entrance as Josh Mathews recapped Lashley’s loss from last week. Lashley grabbed a mic for an in-ring promo. Lashley said the problem here is when someone new comes into the Impact Zone they try to make a big buzz. Lashley said the first person new people set their eyes on is him. Lashley said everyone in the Impact Zone and outside knows that Lashley is the top of the food chain. Lashley said if you want to make a name for yourself you have to test yourself against Lashley. Lashley said Cage did that. Lashley claimed Cage’s victory was a fluke. Lashley wanted Cage to bring his ass out here so he can have a face to face fight with Cage. Lashley said if Cage can beat Lashley this time then Cage will be somebody because Bobby Lashley will make you famous.

John’s Thoughts: It’s a Christmas F’n miracle! All it took was Don Callis entering the Impact creative to finally allow Bobby Lashley to talk on a regular basis. Sadly, this miracle is about to end because Lashley’s Impact hourglass is winding down. It’s a shame that the Jarrett and the following D’Amore/Dutt creative teams weren’t paying attention to TNA in 2016 when Lashley randomly became a good promo.

Brian Cage made his usual entrance. Cage did the apron part of his entrance routine which allowed Lashley to blindside him. Lashley beat on Cage at ringside. Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt were as confused as I was as to if this was an official match (“Only in TNA”. Dutt and Mathews should be used to this by now but I like that at least they are sane human beings). There was a random referee for some reason. The referee checked on Cage for about a second and then rang the bell.

John’s Thoughts: That was an Only in TNA moment, but I do like that the commentators didn’t insult the intelligence of the viewers and try to defend [not-] TNA stupidity. This was my favorite part of the Josh Mathews and Taz commentary team from a few years ago and it looks like Dutt is being just as logical as Taz was.

1. Bobby Lashley vs. Brian Cage. Lashley was still wearing his hoodie and cap. Josh Mathews said this was a main event level match (which he’s right). Lashley dominated Cage with power moves. Lashley planted Cage with a delayed walking suplex. Cage used his agility to dodge a running Lashley to gain his own momentum. In an impressive feat, Cage hoisted and planted Lashley with an F5 with ease. Lashley used the referee as a meat shield to block a discus lariat. Lashley kicked Cage in the nuts while the ref regained his composure. This allowed Lashley to dominate with the methodical strikes.

Lashley had a cocky walk in the ring as Cage struggled but successfully beat a ten count. Lashley mounted ten count punches on the top rope but Cage slipped away and gave Lashley a superkick under Lashley’s leg to his face. Cage hit an Electric Chair slam on Lashley. Cage hit a German Suplex and Death Valley Driver in quick succession. The crowd is mostly dead at this point (dammit Impact Zone! This has been a good match.). Cage body slammed Lashley on the ramp and then tossed Lashley into the steps. Dutt compared that move to the Road to Valhalla that Taya Valkyrie executed a few weeks ago. Cage hit his impressive inside-out Deadlift suplex on Lashley.

Lashley regained control by crotching Cage on the top rope. Lashley hit Cage with a superplex for his own nearfall. Lashley hit Cage with a German Suplex but Cage no-sold it by standing on his feet. Lashley caught Cage with a spear. Cage kicked out at two after Lashley’s finisher. Cage blocked the Dominator Power slam and nailed Lashley with an ugly looking Drill Claw for the win (the ugliness was a positive to sell Lashley’s size). Cage picked up the clean win.

Brian Cage defeated Bobby Lashley in 8:02.

Cage celebrated his win and the crowd was barely cheering… [C]

John’s Thoughts: I’m sorry, Impact needs to get the hell away from that damn Impact Zone. This was a stellar match between two agile big men. Lashley was back to working heel and doing a good job at it. Cage continues to put in work with some impressive superhuman stuff. Not only was the crowd dead for this impressive spectacle, but the ten or so fans that were cheering, were mildly cheering for the heel Lashley. Random fact, I’ve been in many crowds where Brian Cage has worked this style of match. Another random fact, some of those crowds had me sitting in a section of Non-wrestling fans (the press and celebrity section). I casually verified their non-wrestling fandom. Those non-fan crowds were fired up by this style of Brian Cage match! Maybe Impact should go to Universal Studios Hollywood, would that help? Jeff Jarrett is currently having the time of his life back in the Nashville fairgrounds. Impact should go back there. Maybe a high school gym isn’t half bad. Sorry about the written rant, but I’m just so disappointed that the crowd killed something that was supposed to take Impact to another level positively.

It was time for the Pluto TV rewind of the week. AJ Pierzynski was in the ring and Simon Diamond was yelling at him. A bunch of your favorite former TNA wrestlers were all around the ring too…

Sonjay Dutt and Josh Mathews were shown in their blue screen studio. Dutt and Mathews put over how impressive it was to pick up two consecutive wins over Lashley. They advertised Briefcase vs. Briefcase for later in this show with Eli Drake and Moose defending their [not-] Money-in-the-banks. Josh Mathews also advertised “The Road to Redemption” which was going to be a behind the scenes documentary piece that will focus on Austin Aries and Alberto El Patron’s encounter at Redemption. Sonjay Dutt brought up Gail Kim inspiring Allie last week. Josh Mathews sent the cameras to the Impact Zone for an Allie promo…

Allie walked to the ring in ring gear and her belt. Allie said she’s mad right now so she is just going to get to the point. Allie said Su Yung jumped her like a coward. Allie said she used to be afraid of monsters but not anymore. Allie struggled to get the curse word out but she eventually said, “get your ass out here”. Su Yung’s creepy video wall appeared as Su Yung made her entrance. Allie pulled a Lashley by attacking Su Yung during her apron routine. This time the referee just rang the bell instantly though (this was supposed to be a match to? Mathews sold it like a promo segment. I’m not blaming him, this is an Impact agent thing).

2. Allie vs. Su Yung in a non-title match? Allie beat up Su Yung around ringside and took it to Su Yung in the ring by stomping a mudhole into her. Dutt and Mathews gave Gail Kim the credit for firing up Allie. Su Yung responded with a feint kick and light superman punch heading into the commercial. [C]

Allie had the advantage but Su Yung ended the advantage with a sidewalk slam. Su Yung hit Allie with a hanging pedigree for a nearfall. Su Yung tried to hit Allie with a kendo stick but Allie caught Su Yung with a kick and rally of strikes. Allie gave Su Yung a light STO and then a corner suplex. Suddenly Braxton Sutter ran out for the distraction. Allie didn’t bite and hit Su Yung with a codebreaker. Su Yung kicked out. Braxton Sutter grabbed Allie’s leg to prevent her from hitting her superkick finisher. Su Yung shoved the ref away and hit Allie in the gut with a kendo stick.

Allie defeated Su Yung via DQ in 4:00 of TV time.

Su Yung ended up choking Allie in the center of the ring. Josh Mathews told us that Braxton Sutter calls himself “a heartthrob”. Su Yung made her exit up the ramp. A Lucha Underground vs. Impact Wrestling advertisement aired…

John’s Thoughts: There was a lot to like here. Allie cut a promo that showed her evolution while also being true to her childlike demeanor. Su Yung has been a pleasant surprise in Impact Wrestling so far. I question having two Halloween characters (Yung and Rosemary) on a small roster due to possible redundancy, but I’ll give it to Yung for going all in on her character with a good look and decent ring work. The only thing that’s not clicking is Braxton Sutter. He’s just a random guy who shows up and overacts badly. Josh Mathews would be a better manager for Yung. She would be a way better client for Jimmy Jacobs than Kongo Kong because I can see the flamboyance of Jacobs being a great complement to the undead bride character. If they really want to print money with Yung, I would find a way to make sure Abyss doesn’t show up again and have Father James Mitchell be Yung’s manager. Criticisms aside, I’m liking what they are doing with Yung and Allie and looking forward to the next step.

Rosemary was shown in a dark area. Rosemary told the “hivelings” to get excited. Rosemary said next week we’re going on a family trip down the Road to Valhalla. Rosemary told the “Thunder Goddess”, Taya Valkyrie, to join “us” in a demon’s dance…

The show cut to McKenzie Mitchell interviewing Matt Sydal and Josh Mathews about last week’s main event. Sydal said Petey Williams brought bad vibes that cost he and Mathews the championship. Josh Mathews blamed Austin Aries for taking the thing he worked years and years for. Josh said the title meant more to him than his wife, dogs, and anything. Mathews said he hates Austin Aries and he and Mathews will be the downfall of Aries. Sydal said he’s taking care of Williams at Redemption. Mathews said people forget that he’s a trained wrestler and that he once proved that he was “Tough Enough”. Sydal and Mathews shared a wink. Mathews said next week he’s stepping in the ring against Petey Williams. He said he was going to destroy the Canadian Destroyer. Matt Sydal said namaste. Sonjay Dutt said that Josh Mathews “escaped the booth” for that…

Sonjay Dutt advertised Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie in a “Demon’s Dance Match” (whatever that is). In the Gorilla Position area, KM got Richard Justice excited about finally getting a match. KM rushed Richard Justice to the ring… [C]

Samoa Joe’s instrumental TNA Theme played as KM made his entrance. Richard Justice was already in the ring. KM entered the ring to bully Richard Justice and make fat jokes at him. KM said Richard was so fat that when he orders cereal it comes with a lifeguard. KM went on to make more “you’re so fat” jokes. KM joked about Justice looking like he is crying. Dutt said they should cut KM’s mic. Justice wanted to get it over with but KM continued to berate him with more jokes. KM said he was going to get right to the punchline. KM punched Justice. Fallah Bahh ran in for the save as he gave KM a Samoan Drop. Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley ran out to give KM the numbers advantage. Tyrus ran out to clean house. Josh Mathews reminded viewers that he has a segment on Fox News.

Tyrus grabbed a mic and said he’s back and can still smash. Tyrus said he doesn’t like shaming and bullying. Tyrus said the bullies usually have more problems than the victims. Tyrus joked about knowing KM’s name. Tyrus then pointed at a random kid in the crowd and claimed that the little kid mocked KM for being Sienna’s Valet. Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley yelled at the kid. Tyrus told the trio to get their bully ass out of here before he breaks bread again. Tyrus said they make fun of his friends for having soft bellies. Tyrus then said that he just smashed, nuff said…

John’s Thoughts: Mixed feelings on this one. I liked the setup for this with KM being the bully. I like that they are putting Fallah Bahh into something of substance as opposed to him being an enhancement wrestler. Richard Justice did a great job playing the bully victim. Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley, speaking of nuff said, I’ve said my piece on them for weeks. The Tyrus stuff disappointed me a bit. They gave him the clean win over EC3 and I was hoping they would go more towards the “Hall of Pain” Mark Henry type down the road. Instead, he’s interacting with kids and being more Funkasaurus, just without the dancing and the Naomi. This also screamed, anti-bullying PSA rather than being a compelling Pro Wrestling storyline.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake. Eli Drake made fun of Moose for being dumb and his voice. Drake said he thought that Moose would say “uh. I think I’d take that case” but instead he said “uh. I think I’d take yours too”. Drake said Moose can look for the case tonight but everything is going to be alright. Drake said Moose is about to get a goose egg for his troubles. Drake said he’s going to get three belts for himself and he’s going to swim in gold like scrooge McDuck. That’s not an insult, that is just a fact of life. Yeah…[C]

John’s Thoughts: Trust me, I’m not a mean or bullying person. Plus, Eli Drake was doing more of his Dwayne Johnson schtick; but as dumb as Impact has made the Moose character out to be, I couldn’t help but laugh at Drake’s mocking of him.

Taiji Ishimori made his entrance. Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt still really like Taiji Ishimori’s theme song. Johnny Impact made his entrance. Josh Mathews plugged Johnny’s Boone The Bounty Hunter movie which is now on Netflix…

3. Taiji Ishimori vs. Johnny Impact. Ishimori and Johnny started the match with a Code of Honor handshake. Johnny managed to gain the upper hand in the initial wristlock with his traceur skills. Johnny hit Ishimori with a capoeira drop kick. Josh Mathews noted that EC3 got fired via “feast or fired” and he might be at home watching Schitt’s Creek. Johnny went for a Judo pin but Ishimori kicked out. Ishimori rallied back with a series of dropkicks. Johnny used his parkour to escape the corner. Ishimori returned the favor with similar parkour skills. Ishimori hit Johnny with a seated Senton and took of his shirt, which made Sonjay Dutt happy.

Taiji Ishimori hit Johnny Impact with the Golden Triangle Moonsault. Ishimori hit Johnny with a running meteora and Vader Bomb stomp. Ishimori fought out of the fireman carry. Ishimori and Johnny traded fighting spirit forearms. Johnny came out on top. Johnny caught a flying Ishimori and hit a reverse fireman carry senton followed by a standing shooting star. Ishimori used a Schoolboy to block Starship Pain. Johnny staggered Ishimori on the top rope with some strikes. Ishimori staggered Johnny with a kick and hit a springboard Frankensteiner on Johnny.

Ishimori almost picked up the win with a body scissors rollup. Ishimori went for his 450 finisher but Johnny rolled away and hit the Flying Chuck Kick. Johnny hit his signature running knee. Johnny hit Starship Pain for the win.

Johnny Impact defeated Taiji Ishimori via pinfall in 8:02.

Josh Mathews said he didn’t think it was a legal pinfall since Ishimori’s leg may have been under the rope. In a show of respect, Johnny Impact helped Taiji Ishimori get to his feet. After Ishimori left, Kongo Kong and Jimmy Jacobs made their entrance. Jacobs ordered Kong to attack Johnny. Johnny tried to beat Kong to the punch but Kong tripped Johnny off the apron. Kong tried to attack Johnny in the ring but Johnny used the flying chuck to knock Kong off the apron. Johnny followed up with a corkscrew Tope Con Hilo. Jimmy Jacobs laughed and held back Kong. Johnny Impact’s theme played… [C]

John’s Thoughts: A very simple match, but a very fun one. One of my favorite matches from both Taiji Ishimori and Johnny Impact. These two men can go. I did like the nice touch of Josh Mathews trying to give Ishimori an out by pointing out the leg touching the ropes (what kills it is Mathews being a sometimes heel). Anyway, good match and i wouldn’t mind seeing Johnny Impact make a beeline to the X Division Championship. Just like Low Ki was last year, I feel Johnny can be the type of champion that can make the X Division weekly appointment viewing. Aside from that, I’m very intrigued to see how well Johnny can work with Kongo Kong. Kong hasn’t impressed me much since his return. He’s low and has worked Abyss. Again, first-hand crowd experience, Johnny works great with Monster Heels so if Kong can keep up, Johnny can elevate him.

Josh Mathews cut to the “Road To Redemption” documentary video package. Austin Aries was shown working out in the gym. Aries said people are saying that he has lost a step after 17 years. Aries talked about how people said he failed “in other places” (WWE?). Aries said people are questioning how good he is. Clips were shown of Aries defeating Eli Drake in street clothes for the Impact World Championship with Jeremy Borash commentary.

Alberto El Patron said he understands that Aries is an accomplished wrestler and deserves to be champion. El Patron said the championship reign won’t least when he gets in the ring with El Patron. Aries said he’s in a new landscape with new fans who haven’t seen what he did in the past. Aries said he might need some redemption. Aries said the last time he had the world championship was the last time Impact had a buzz around the company. El Patron was shown doing his boxing. El Patron said people don’t like when he puts himself over. Patron said why not because he worked hard since he was a kid. He said he had to fight hard to survive in the country he grew up. El Patron said Mexico doesn’t give opportunities like America because you only get one shot.

Aries said he understands that El Patron feels disrespect and he can relate to having a chip on his shoulder. They showed the clip of Bruce Prichard wishing El Patron the best in his future endeavors after the Paige incident. El Patron said Redemption is an important match because he has something to prove. News reports flashed on the screen which showed the words “domestic violence” and “Paige”. El Patron said the suspension made him go from loving the company to hating it with all his guts. El Patron said the trouble was caused by the bullshit lies of a family trying to prevent [Paige] from losing her job.

John’s Thoughts: Well, damn.

They showed the clip of Alberto putting meat in the face of Aries which Aries called mind games. Aries said he hopes that El Patron realizes that two men like them can’t get in each other’s head given the roads they’ve taken. El Patron said he understands how good Aries is and he is not underestimating the talent of Aries. El Patron said he’ll have to prove he’s ready but Aries has to prove that he is still the man that deserves to be champion. Aries talked about how El Patron has immense experience level because he’s worked with the biggest companies in the world. El Patron said everyone is happy Aries is here but Aries is not fooling both El Patron and Aries. El Patron said his grandfather told him that when you look in the mirror, you can speak to yourself about your flaws and not lie to yourself. El Patron said other people in the world will lie to you either out of love or hate, but you can’t lie to yourself. El Patron said Austin Aries is not lying to himself now and is telling himself that he has to beat El Patron to prove that he is the true champion.

John’s Thoughts: Now, this guy has come off as an unreliable dirtbag for close to a year, but it’s his work like this why I once said he was one of the best and underrated babyface promos in the industry. It hurts my head a bit that he shifts between babyface and heel every week, but at least he’s doing a stellar job more often than not.

Aries talked about how he looks like an underdog due to size. Aries said he wants El Patron to look at him like an underdog because that’s when people make mistakes. El Patron said he understands the fandom of Aries and the ability of Aries which would lead to them having one of the best matches in history. Aries said El Patron’s biggest strength is his experience and comfort in the squared circle. El Patron said people always talk that bullshit about how size doesn’t matter. He said size does matter, obviously, in every single department. Aries said he was going to exploit El Patron’s confidence as a weakness. Aries said he’s taken advantage of people judging his book by the cover by seeing Aries as short.

John’s Thoughts: There’s a Zelina Vega joke in there somewhere given how the build towards Aleister Black vs. Andrade Almas was started due to Black spending minutes making short people jokes at Vega. You know why I’m bringing up Vega. 😉

Aries said his toolbox is full to handle any situation. El Patron said he has something to prove and he needs his redemption. El Patron said he’s getting his title back. El Patron said people will give the title the respect it deserves when he becomes the best champion in Impact Wrestling history. Aries said he was going to be the sole author of his life story and will write it the way he wants. Aries said the story he’s writing is that at the end of April 22, the man holding the championship at the end of the night is Austin Aries. That simple… [C]

John’s Thoughts: That was a fun piece of video package and it sold me on wanting to see this El Patron vs. Austin Aries match. Aries hasn’t been defined as a character since his return and El Patron has held a lot of real life stank on him, but this did a good job wiping most of that away. It helps that both men are skilled on the microphone. Bravo. The only problem with the package was the lack of boom mic as the volume was low and hard to make out. I turned up the volume for my recap.

Moose was interviewed about his Briefcase vs. Briefcase match. Moose said he’s not worried about Eli Drake because if you look at the history books, Moose has never lost to Eli Drake. Moose said 2018 is a year of giving because after tonight he’s going to get not only a shot at the World Title but also the Tag Titles. He said the nation will chant “Moose… Moose… Moose…”. McKenzie Mitchell wished Moose good luck…

It was time for the GWN Flashback Moment of the Week. It was Jay Lethal defeating Kurt Angle via pinfall to become the new TNA X Division Champion at the No Surrender PPV. Don West called it the biggest upset in TNA History. Josh Mathews then cut to another WrestleCon advertisement…

It was time for an LAX clubhouse cinematic. They were playing dominos as usual. LAX were happy because they were still champions. Konnan said Homicide went back to Mexico to expand negotiations. Santana talked about how they were stackin’ dat chedda wherever they go. Konnan said it was impressive for a Latino like him to be doing his due diligence. Konnan said that it doesn’t matter if Drake or Moose win the briefcase because they will knock down everybody. Konnan said they knocked down Decay, the cornerstone of the company. Konnan said they beat the GI-Joe Jabronis (Veterans of War). Konnan said they sent the Ovaries (OVE) after them and they beat OVE in the barbed wire match not allowed on TV. Konnan said OVE might be licking their wounds in some meth lab somewhere. Konnan called Konley and Lee a couple of hoes. Konnan said they aren’t being overconfident it’s just the truth. Konnan said they are going to go to the club afterhours to get lit as f–k after they defend their titles. Konnan said they are going to party 5150 hasta la muerte despues. Josh Mathews noted that LAX might lose their titles to Killshot (Shane Strickland) and Willie Mack tomorrow on WrestleCon… [C]

John’s Thoughts: Konnan’s promos may be a bit vulgar for some, but the guy’s a master on the mic and these cinematics continue to be the best and most nuance thing on Impact Wrestling. Despite Impact no longer really having a tag team division, I liked the throwback to all of the tag teams they defeated en route to a successful 2017.

4. Eli Drake vs. Moose in a match for two Feast or Fired Briefcases. Suddenly the Impact Zone filled up with a bunch of people wearing green shirts. I don’t like to make the theme park tourist excuse all the time, but is that a tour bus tourist group? Back to the match, Drake struggled to get Moose of his feet. Drake managed to surprise moose with a flying shoulder block. Moose did a kip up and hit a dropkick on Drake. Moose sent Drake flying off the top rope with a high dropkick. Drake turned the tables on Moose by shoving him into the turnbuckle. [C]

Drake worked on Moose with methodical strikes back from the break. Moose blocked Drake and shoved him into the top turnbuckle. Drake dodged an incoming Moose. Drake hit Moose with a popup power slam. he said his catchphrase and hit a high elbow drop. Moose fought out of a chinlock. Drake caught Moose with a running knee to the gut. Drake followed up with a diving elbow drop. Moose went for a delayed vertical suplex but Drake reversed it into a neckbreaker. Moose sold a bit of his fighting spirit by noselling punches. Moose hit a few corner lariats and then a buckle bomb. Moose hit an impressive hesitation dropkick. Moose went for the gamechanger but accidentally hit the ref. REF BUMP!!!

John’s Thoughts: As much as I hate the TNA REF BUMP, Moose kinda deserved that given how his bootleg rainmaker never works.

Johnny Bravo (my favorite referee name) was knocked out. All three OVE members ran in and beat up Moose. Sami Callihan teased hitting Moose with a bat but Eddie Edwards cleared Sami from the arena which allowed Moose to dispose of the Crist Brothers. Eli Drake used the baseball bat to get two shots in. Moose survived the bat shots and kicked out at two. Eli Drake hit the Gravy Train for the victory.

Eli Drake defeated Moose via pinfall in 10:26 to win two Feast or Fired Briefcases.

The crowd didn’t cheer or boo, this is the Impact Zone after all. Josh Mathews cut to replays of the interference. Eli Drake held up both briefcases as Impact closed and Josh Mathews made one more pitch for Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground…

John’s Thoughts: There was a lot of dumb TNA stuff there. This company really needs to stray away from reminding people of the stanky company that drove wrestling fans away. That said, I didn’t totally hate this match given how I liked that it pushed forward a few storylines. A lot of times in Impact, we would see matches that end up being time fillers or time wasters, but this one had a purpose of causing conflict surrounding OVE and making Eli Drake number one contender. Eli Drake is the right person to give the briefcases to and I like that they are keeping relevant at the top of the card after his up-and-down title reign. What surprised me the most is how much they continue to bury Moose as the world’s dumbest babyface. I get that the numbers game caught up to him but I don’t feel sorry based off of his entire Impact history. It was his own damn fault for going for his weird short-arm discus lariat that never hits because he always turns his back. One problem with Drake’s jokes, like when he called Lashley a Ninja Turtle and Slam Town “Corny Crap”, is that they usually ring true to the characters he’s dissing and his dumb Moose jokes ring true in the Impact universe.

As an overall show, I liked this more than most that I reviewed in recent months. There was a lot of Only in TNA stuff that popped up tonight. What I did like was Impact using their television time to push forward multiple storylines. Some of the techniques they used, especially the El Patron and Aries documentary piece, reminds me of how NXT does their production which is great. There was some solid matches on this show as well. The one glaring issue that was prevalent in the opening and closing match, is the G-damn Impact Zone. Not only do they treat great matches with silence but the few people that do cheer usually cheer the wrong person (like cheering heel Lashley or Drake). I’m looking forward to Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground which I’ll be covering live. Good on Josh Mathews and crew for plugging that throughout the night and spotlighting their biggest draws in Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. Jason Powell will be by later today with his Audio Review for the members and the Hit List for everyone.

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  1. This show was basically Open Fight Night without the name. So to say that the Cage and Lashley thing only happens in TNA and try to spin it as negative is ridiculous! I just find it funny that a guy cries one week about TNA not being different and then the same guy bashes everything that makes TNA different and spins other things into negative ”only in TNA” comments. Ridiculous!

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