Gutteridge’s Ring of Honor TV Hit List: A seven team tag team gauntlet match featuring Red Dragon, the Young Bucks, RPG Vice, The Addiction, and more

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Red Dragon vs. The Young Bucks: This may be the most average match I’ve seen between these two teams, but it was still eons better than the two matches that preceded it. If anything, it was refreshing to see the Bucks switch gears and tease the superkick instead of landing a tonne (or tun for you North Americans). It may add fuel to the fire that they overuse the move, yet I’m OK with a balance of both approaches.

Roppongi Vice vs. Young Bucks: Thankfully, the final match in the gauntlet match delivered. RPG Vice winning was a legit shock, but it wasn’t portrayed as an upset – RPG matched the Bucks for flashy offense all the way, and how many teams can say they have done that recently?

ROH TV Misses

Tag Team Gauntlet match: This show-length match was riddled with poor booking. The commentators were constantly mentioning the elite ROH tag division. So why did this showcase match involve bottom feeders like the House of Truth and Tough Guy Inc.? Even The Addiction was beaten quickly. There is a good version of this match, with these lesser teams swapped out for the likes of Sydal and ACH, the Motor City Machine Guns and ANX, but this certainly wasn’t a great advert outside of the two matches mentioned above. On top of that, the team selected to effectively beat all the other teams and emerge victorious? Why, the part-time ROH guys from Japan, of course! This isn’t something I put down to New Japan politics, which is what I attribute the NJPW crew steamrolling over ROH talent at the 14th Anniversary show, but ROH’s booking of part time talent is very poorly executed.

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