Gleed’s WWE Smackdown Hit List: Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro, and Erick Rowan vs. Jericho bookend the show with good matches, Randy Orton promo impresses, full Paige heel turn, more Stardust and Goldust nonsense

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By Haydn Gleed

WWE Smackdown Hits

Jack Swagger vs. Cesaro: A hard hitting match between the two powerhouses. Cesaro is on a losing streak at the moment, and I know there’s a lot of people saying he must be in trouble for something or management are down on him, but watch his matches, it’s very 50/50. If he was in trouble they wouldn’t be booking like that. I just simply think he’s there as a player to get wrestlers in feuds over, because there’s nothing for him at the moment. I hope he gets back on track. Swagger has been a lovely surprise since his babyface turn, and the reaction him and Zeb are getting is totally justified in my eyes. He’s a good wrestler, he’s very intense, very believable as an in-ring threat and he has the mouthpiece. I hope the momentum continues after the Rusev program.

Lana: Will Pruett has Brie Bella, I have Lana, that’s all I’m saying. I think we call this a biased hit.

Randy Orton promo: Intense and short, just how Orton’s promo’s should be in my eyes. The way in which he has taken it upon himself, without hiding behind the authority or Kane, to go after Roman Reigns and be the one to challenge him at Summerslam is exactly what his character needs. I’m sick of the chickenshit Viper, I hope we are getting the no shit Viper moving forward.

Bo Dallas goes crazy: I love the intensity that he shows when he loses his mind, but can then transform back into the inspirational Boliever. Gives this great character another dimension, and anything that keeps Bo on my TV is great in my eyes.

Paige attacks AJ Lee: I really enjoyed this, especially Paige’s false, "she’s my best friend, be careful with her" shtick, followed by her telling AJ to call her when she feels better. This feud is bubbling nicely for SummerSlam.

Erick Rowan vs. Chris Jericho: A decent match, and Rowan looked like a monster at times during the bout. I like the stipulation that was added that Rowan is now banned from ringside at SummerSlam, and I’m guessing the same will happen for Harper in the coming weeks. This gives Bray a chance to re-establish as a leader he doesn’t need his henchmen to win a match, which is the impression we got during the Cena feud.

WWE Smackdown Misses

AJ Lee vs. Rosa Mendes: A pointless match. I know they had to get AJ out there for the post match stuff, but they could have accomplished the same thing with her coming out and addressing the crowd from the stage.

Stardust and Goldust: If I explained my hatred of this act as the gravitational pull of Hayley’s Comet towards the rings around Saturn while Harry Potter played Quiditch on the moon it would make more sense than anything Stardust is saying. Seriously, I just don’t get firstly what this is all about, and on top of that I don’t know where they are going with this. It just feels like a waste of a minute of my life week in week out.

Fandango vs. Diego/El Torito/All Woman Kind: Can we just get to the bit where he puts them through a table. Wrong show? Whatever.

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