Zim's WWE NXT Hit List: Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, Sumer Rae vs. Bayley to determine No. 1 Contender, CJ Parker attacks Xavier Woods, Bull Dempsey, Sin Cara

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By Zack Zimmerman

NXT Hits

Neville and Zayn vs. Kidd and Gabriel: Great main event that could've gone longer with no complaints from me. These four delivered on the level of action and excitement one would expect from them, but they also played excellently into the ongoing storyline. For four guys who most fans would say have it all in the ring and lack on the mic, everyone involved is doing a great job of playing their part. Neville and Zayn are over big-time as the top babyfaces in the territory and the character transformations that Gabriel and more-so Kidd are undergoing cannot be praised enough. The turn is logical and actual as opposed to many of the weak character turns we've seen in recent years. The dynamic of this angle is making for a quality main event picture and I'd call this match must-see in terms of top-quality NXT matches.

Bayley vs. Summer Rae No. 1 Contender's match: The ladies got slightly over five minutes and really made the most of it. Bayley continues to impress week-after-week and is rapidly becoming NXT's top lady worker in my mind. The crowd loves her and I got a big kick out of them doing the wacky waving tube men dance in support of her. Summer has always played the 'mean girl' role really well and Bayley may be her best foil for that character. I can't say the outcome of the match is necessarily a 'hit' as the fans have nobody to root for in the Charlotte vs. Summer matchup, but it seems more logical to me that they use this angle short-term to give Charlotte a little bit of a boost before pitting her against ladies who fans can really invest in as challengers.

Overall show: The ratio of hits to misses might not indicate it, but this show was well worth watching for the bookend matches and interview segments that aired throughout. The ladies' match and the main event tag were some of my favorite NXT matches of the year so far and I would highly recommend them to anyone. They did a good job both of following up on the ladies' match with the backstage segment between Summer and Sasha, as well as building up to the main event with recaps from last week and several interview and promo segments featuring the main event guys. The actual in-ring product in the middle of the show left a lot to be desired, but you can't expect the entire show to be fire, and with the opening and closing matches we got that’s enough to bring the show up to a hit.

NXT Misses

Sin Cara vs. Wesley Blake: Why did this match happen? Moreover, why did the commentators try to put this over as a big win for Cara? I assume that they're setting him up to take the loss for someone higher up the ladder, I just don't think giving him an uneventful squash win has any effect on him or anyone else going forward. This was purely time filler.

Bull Dempsey vs. Angelo Dawkins: I wasn't overly-complimentary of Alexander Rusev during his NXT run, but I have strongly turned the corner on him since. By comparison to Dempsey, Rusev was fantastic. It really seems like it's that vacant monster heel role that’s being filled. Dempsey is just super boring in the ring, doesn't have any charisma that makes me want to cheer or boo him, and athletically he hasn't shown anything other than that armdrag headlock from last week. I'm not saying there's no chance for this guy, but I am saying that I don’t anticipate turning the corner on him like I did Rusev.

CJ Parker attacks Xavier Woods: There wasn't anything overtly wrong with this segment, I just refuse to get excited about this program. The way it played out was so predictable and back-to-basics. Usually that’s one of my compliments of NXT, (and maybe I'm biased because of the guys involved) but it felt like it was straight out of Wrestling for Dummies  and  it made Woods look like a jabroni goofball. Fingers crossed they keep this deal short and sweet while exceeding expectations.

Didn't Tyler Breeze enter the building?: This one goes out to Darren Gutteridge who may still be sitting in front of his TV waiting for Prince Pretty. Eden announced that Breeze had entered the building, yet we didn't see him in any capacity. A rare snafu as far as things like that go.

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