7/1 WWE Smackdown taping spoilers: A detailed report on the taping for Friday's television show (spoilers)

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Dot Net reader Chris Murrell attended the WWE Smackdown taping in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday and sent the following report.

I would say the arena was about 80-85 percent full. There were the usual empty seats on the hard camera side.

In a really cool surprise a un-advertised Daniel Bryan appeared. He was in full wrestling gear with his shirt. At first though a couple people in the crowd maybe thought he was here maybe filming something for Be a Star or Make A Wish because the cameramen that were filming this were not WWE cameramen. Anyway, he eventually grabbed microphone and spoke about how this area was so important to him and without his fans he would not be where he is today. Also, he had a fun with a fan named David in the crowd that was suppose to be his "number one fan" and even asked the crowd if they wanted to see David with his shirt off. All in all it was really cool seeing him come be here tonight. He ended the segment saying when he comes back to Jersey he will better then ever and will be WWE champion again.

Dark Match

1. Stardust and Goldust beat The Ascension. A really quick match. I don't think The Ascension got no more than three moves in. The crowd was really into Stardust.

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Seth Rollins came out and talked about how John Cena needs to watch his back for the next year since he holds the briefcase. He blamed Dean Ambrose for costing him his chance at cashing in his briefcase. Out came Dean Ambrose, who promised to Seth that for the next year he will never will be able to cash in the briefcase because he will be there to stop him. They started to brawl with each other until Randy Orton came out for a two-on-one beatdown. Roman Reigns came out to even the odds and ended up standing tall. Afterwards, Triple H came out and said that that Dean Ambrose would fight Randy Orton later in the main event. He said that if Roman Reigns interfered he would be kicked out the Fatal Four Way match at Battleground.

1. Sheamus beat Alberto Del Rio to retain the U.S. Title. A really great match with a nice sequence at the end. I'd say that match went about 17 min and was
easily the match of the night.

2. Bo Dallas beat Diego of Los Matadores  in about three minutes. A complete squash. Nothing really important except after the match Bo Dallas body dropped El Torito.

Chris Jericho made his Smackdown return and talked about how it felt good to return Monday and how it felt good to beat up The Miz. He said he wanted to thank the Wyatts for assaulting him on Monday night... The Wyatt Family then appeared on screen and cyt a promo on Jericho. Jericho told Bray to come out to the ring instead hiding in the back. Instead of the Wyatts, out came The Miz, who talked about how the head of WWE Studios called him last night and asked if his face, aka the Money-Maker, was damaged because he still has scenes of the Marine to finish filming. As the Miz attempted to enter the ring, Jericho hit the Codebreaker on him to end the segment

3. Cesaro fought Big E to a no contest. Cesaro and Big E brawled around the ringside for about five minutes, which ended with referees separating the two.

4. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee beat Eva Marie. Paige won in about three minutes. Paige sat in on commentary. The match was what you would expect with Eva Marie involved. Afterward, Paige came into the ring and gave AJ a round of applause and then left.

Bruce Springsteen (a/k/a Damien Sandow) came out in sang Born in The USA for a minute. Out came Rusev, who destroyed Sandow. Lana talks about Americans and Independence Day. I honestly could not hear her at all. I think WWE has found their new Vickie. A big USA chant broke out and then the Real Americans made their entrance. Zeb Colter dropped the line of the night by saying the only good thing Russia created was Vodka. The building broke out with another loud USA chants. Rusev eventually backed down out off the ring apron after a having a stare down with Jack Swagger. The crowd was really loud for this segment and I wonder if it will translate like that when it airs on TV.

5. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton ended in a DQ. The DQ or non-finish occurred after Ambrose attacked Seth Rollins, who was sitting on commentary. After Ambrose got back in the ring, he threw Orton out of the ring to try for another suicide dive, but he was hit in the head by Rollins with the briefcase. The match went about 12 min and never really got into third gear. After the DQ, Orton and Rollins attacked Ambrose and his injured shoulder until Roman Reigns ran in and made the save. Reigns quickly got rid of Rollins and Orton to end the taped portion of the show. After the cameras went off, Dean was being attended to by the ringside doctors when Seth and Orton surrounded Roman and beat him down and then threw Dean back inside the ring. Orton set up Roman for the punt kick. As Orton went for the kick, Reigns speared him. Reigns hit Rollins with a Superman punch. Ambrose hit his finisher to send the crowd home happy.

Notes: All in all, I guess WWE threw in the towel tonight and they expected most people to be out BBQ on Friday cause it was a really weak show. A lot of filler Segments and I would have loved to see Bray Wyatt wrestle. I would have to say the moment of the night was Daniel Bryan making a appearance. The crowd went nuts when he came out.

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