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By Jason Powell

-Dot Net Members will hear the new Dot Net Countdown Show with Will Pruett and Jake Barnett later today. If you enjoy our All Access audio, help support Dot Net by signing up for membership to the ad-free version of the website via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.

-Jim Ross's new Ross Report podcast features an interview with UFC Champion Ronda Rousey that debuted last night.

-The latest "Talk Is Jericho" podcasts hosted by Chris Jericho feature a two-part show Paul Heyman and Edge together in studio. These are must listen shows that feature Heyman discussing the end of The Streak, C.M. Punk's departure, writing Smackdown, ECW, the inspiration for his own role as C.M. Punk's advocate, and much more.

-Steve Austin's new family friendly show dropped on Tuesday and features the second part of an interview with Vince Russo. Austin's latest Unleashed episode features Christopher Daniels and Jim Ross.

-Roddy Piper's latest podcast guest is former NFL player Ross Tucker. Piper also had a show called "RISK and wrestling stories."

-Bill Goldberg's new podcast "Who's Next With Goldberg" features an interview with MLB's Sean Casey and former NFL linebacker and occasional WWE broadcaster Shawne Merriman.

-You can find the Ross, Piper, Jericho, Austin, and Golberg podcasts at

-Colt Cabana's latest podcast features an interview with Dave Marquez. His newest show will likely debut later today at <a

-WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart is 57 today. He was born on July 2, 1957.

-WWE referee Charles Robinson is 50 today. He was born on July 2, 1964.

-Former WWE wrestler Scotty Too Hotty (a/k/a Scott Garland) is 41 today. He was born on July 2, 1973.

-Mike DiBiase died in the ring on July 2, 1969. He suffered a heart attack during a match with Man Mountain Mike in Lubbock, Texas. DiBiase is the adoptive father of WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase.

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