WWE Raw onsite: Detailed notes on the reaction to the Chris Jericho and A.J. Lee returns, Seth Rollins trying to cash in, Bo Dallas's moment of silence, Roman Reigns, and more

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Dot Net reader Ryan Paglia attended WWE Raw in Hartford, Connecticut on Monday and sent the following report.

My father and I got there at around seven p.m. and the line extended almost two blocks. It turns out there was only one entrance to the main arena building open, so it wasn't until 7:40 when we got to our seats. This was probably the worst service I've seen at the XL Center (no problems at Raw in 2012 or 2013).

The Authority got a good mixed reaction to start off the show. Stephanie McMahon is hilarious and really plays her role well. John Cena got the usual mixed reaction, but with more boos than usual; It might sound different on television, though. People were pissed because the 2K15 cover blocked the ring and the rest of the segment for some sections (including mine). The main event ended up being the same as the advertised dark match main event. Kinda disappointing.

Seth Rollins got good heat, and there was an alright pop for Rob Van Dam. The crowd popped for the big spots by RVD. Good match and Rollins is starting to find his groove as a heel. The Ambrose promo after the match was typical top notch work from Dean.

It was cool to see Jack Swagger turn face and stand up to Lana and Rusev. I think he has a brighter future than Rusev.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Uso Brothers and Sheamus match was the best of the night by far. Great spots, Luke Harper is crazy athletic for a big guy.

The Bo Dallas moment of silence lasted too long and didn't really get over with the crowd. It was just an awkward pause.

The crowd had a little pop for Nikki Bella but her match was flat as could be. More people wanted to see the Funkadactyls brawl.

I've never heard of a match ending during commercial, so that's pretty odd. Anyway, Cesaro is crazy strong, Paul Heyman is comedic gold at ringside, and most fans were shocked that Kofi Kingston won.

There was No reaction for the Santino Marella and Adam Rose video.

Damien Sandow played a funny Vince McMahon, but he deserves much better than jobbing to Great Khali, who can barely move in the ring.

There was lot of talk of Chris Jericho being the one advertised as returning, but Miz was no surprise either. There was a huge pop for Y2J, and another huge pop for the Wyatts coming out, then drawing big heat for beating him down. It should be a good program between Bray Wyatt and Chris.

Dolph Ziggler and Fandango deserve better than this too. Dolph was very over with the crowd and the kiss/finish of the match had a good reaction.

Based on last night's crowd, Stardust is getting good pops. I'd rather have Cody Rhodes back though.

As a Paige fan, it sucks to see her lose the belt like that, but hopefully a heel turn will let us see her Anti Diva persona shine. It does make sense because AJ was super over with the crowd and Paige's face run wasn't that hot.

Roman Reigns is white hot right now. One of the top pops of the night. Ok match, big pops for the hot tag to Cena.

Most in the crowd expected Rollins to "cash in" or at least try. There were big pops for Ambrose making the save and the Reigns spear/stare-down. He really is the next top guy in the company.

Overall, a great show with a fun crowd and some special surprises. No return date was announced.

Biggest Pops
1. Cena
2. Reigns
3. Jericho
4. Wyatt
5. Ambrose
6. AJ Lee

Most Heat
1. Cena
2. Wyatts (after beating down Jericho)
3. Rollins
4. The Authority
5. Rusev

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