6/30 WWE Raw Pre-Show notes: Live coverage of the live WWE Network broadcast

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By Jason Powell

The following is live notes of the WWE Raw pre-show that is being broadcast on the WWE Network. Refresh the page for the latest updates if you are reading this prior to Raw.

-Byron Saxton, Booker T, and Alex Riley hosted the show from the studio rather than live from the building. They hyped a Raw appearance by new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as well as an appearance by the mystery former WWE Champion that is advertised as returning on Raw.

-Footage aired of Cena winning the MITB match. They read a tweet from Hulk Hogan, who said Cena can finally keep things straight in WWE.

-The hosts noted that Randy Orton had 12 staples in his head after the MITB match. The initial WWE report listed 11 staples.

-Footage aired of a Seth Rollins interview that was conducted after the pay-per-view. He told Tom Phillips that he got the job done. Phillips asked if this was the vision he had in mind when he turned on Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Rollins laughed and said it was.

-Renee Young interviewed The Uso Brothers and announced that they would team with Sheamus to face The Wyatt Family on Raw.

-The Daniel Bryan and Bo Dallas segment was recapped. The hosts spoke about Daniel Bryan potentially needing surgery. Riley said he doesn't even think Dr. Joseph Maroon knows what the future holds for Bryan, and Booker said if anyone can bounce back from this it's Daniel Bryan.

-The panel spoke about John Cena having a bullseye on him now that he's WWE World Heavyweight Champion to close the show.

Powell's POV: It appears the pre-show is the victim of budget cuts, as the show was held at the studio rather than inside the building. It's also worth noting that there was no guest panelist. I wonder how long it will be before they go with hosts who don't have to be flown into WWE Headquarters.

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