Former WWE wrestler Bushwhacker Luke Miller on whether he expected his flag bearer John Laurinaitis to play such a big part in pro wrestling, if he and Butch had fun with their gimmick

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In Your Head Radio with Bushwhacker Luke
Hosts: Jack E Jones and One Inch Biceps
Recap by Vic Schiavone
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Did you have fun doing the Bushwhackers gimmick? "Yeah, we did; we had fun...You go from the NWA was wrestling to the WWE and became a celebrity. In that era, in the late ''re a different thing. You're at Sportsman-of- the-Year dinners, you're doing commercials, you're doing this/that; you're on talk shows; it was a different kettle of fish from just being in the ring."

Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis) once served as the flag bearer for the Sheepherders. Did you ever expect him to go on to be a big part of wrestling? "Johnny always had a great brain for the business...Johnny always had the psychology. Johnny has a business degree. He was always about business and he picked out a course. Dusty (Rhodes) threw him with us and said, 'Go with the Sheepherders; they'll teach you.' He was with us for about six months...and then we left for Vince (McMahon)...Then he got his break in Japan...and he had a ten-year run. He was (Giant) Baba's booker in the end, he was Baba's right-hand man. Then he came back here. He actually got the job with (Ted) Turner when Turner was about to throw the towel in. When Vince (McMahon) took over, John had to do all the axing of all the guys and just keep the handful that Vince wanted. Hence he got a bad name to start with in the business in the States. He was always smart in the business side of things, he had a good run there."

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