Jim Ross comments on The Von Erich Family at TNA Slammiversary, TNA going forward, lack of hype for ROH Best in the World

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of The following items are among the highlights. To order J.R.'s BBQ products, visit

-Ross on The Von Erichs: "The Von Erich's not winning cleanly was perplexing. Please don't try and sell me the worn out tale that the Von Erich's are 'part time and the other talents are not' argument. The Von Erich's had as much, if not more to do, with selling the tickets in Arlington than any one on the card so why not get two pops from the pro Von Erich crowd than one? Kevin Von Erich using the Von Erich Iron Claw was a classic touch and I'm happy it was saved for KVE.  That's good booking."

Powell's POV: I also guessed they didn't put the Von Erich boys over clean because of the part-time thing, but I also feel like it doesn't matter since DJ Z and Jessie aren't even a regular tag team. For that matter, BroMans is positioned as a comedy act regardless of how many times they held the TNA Tag Titles. Would anyone see Z and Jessie any differently today had they lost clean? No.

-Ross on TNA going forward: "If Impact could produce more weekly, TV shows like their Sunday PPV, and they easily could, then their brand has a chance to regenerate some momentum. In other words, stop with the long, drawn out talking elements and provide the fans what Impact's talents do best and that is to wrestle. I have much more to say about this particular topic and a potential solution for this matter on this week's Ross Report podcast which drops Tuesday at 6 pm pacific time. Every smart promoter that I ever worked with generally booked to his roster's strengths and did his best to conceal his roster's weaknesses. Impact Wrestling's roster strength is bell to bell wrestling."

Powell's POV: Critics and fans have been making similar statements about TNA for the better part of the company's 12-year run. The best thing creative can do is back off on all of the talking and overbooked match finishes in favor of putting the performers in position to shine. It's just not that complicated, and Slammiversary is a good example of how less is more when it comes to creative.

-Ross on ROH Best in the World: "ROH has a PPV coming up this Sunday and I have seen essentially nothing in the way of promotion on the 'barker channels' on cable. That's not good. Why is this? If I was Sinclair I would use every bit of unsold commercial air time this week on their network to push the PPV in hopes of creating new money and a financial hit within the wrestling PPV marketplace."

Powell's POV: I don't know who is to blame for this one. The story goes that In Demand reached out to ROH and other promotions with better pay-per-view deal offers as a way to counter some of the losses they will endure due to WWE Network. You'd think the cable and satellite companies would be doing everything in their power to help make this a profitable venture for everyone involved. Of course, ROH has to get the promotional materials out there to the right people, and I'm simply not sure who is at fault, but it's definitely a problem right now.

Other topics include more on TNA Slammiversary, WWE Raw in Cleveland, the TNA star who will join Ross for a podcast recording on Tuesday, and more.

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