6/14 Reborn Wrestling: Jake Roberts and EZ Money meet in the six-man tag main event of a Christian based pro wrestling show

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Reborn Wrestling
Johnson City, Tennessee at Trinity Assembly of God
Report by Dot Net reader David Greene

1. Mikey McMasters and Justice beat "The Cold" Alyx Winters and Goliath Hayes. Winters and Hayes held a distinct advantage the whole match as Mcmasters and Justice could not mount much offense at all. Winters and Hayes won the match very easily but did not stop after the bell continuing to punish Mcmasters and Justice until the referee reversed the decision.

2. "Hot Stuff" Anthony Brodie beat Marty Murr. Brody, not to be confused with the late great Eddie Gilbert, held an advantage 90 percent of the match and won very decisively.

3. "The Redeemed" Greg Poe (w/Exotica) beat Doctor of Destruction. In a match where Poe put up his pure wrestling cup vs the dr. who showed enormous potential hitting Poe with everything but the kitchen sink but Poe held on to pick up the victory pleasing his manager Exotica.

4. Chris Graves beat Channing Drake. Graves is one half of the tag champions. He defeated Drake in what was supposed to be a tag team match for the Reborn tag championship.

5. Air America beat Eddie Golden and Stan "The Man" Lee (w/Brooklynn). Air America stole the show showing enormous talent and athleticism. Lee and Golden (the cousin of the famous Jimmy Golden) were spunky and mounted a surprisingly good offense but Air America was just too much in the end. Getting a double three count on Golden and Lee. Lee and Golden blamed the loss on Brooklynn and threw her around, she was saved by Air America.

6. Markie Mark (w/Voodoo Lacroix) beat James Dylan (w/Valentina). Markie Mark was in control most of the match and received the 2nd largest pop of the night (next to Jake "The Snake" Roberts). Dylan who was trying to talk on the mic was interrupted by fans saying "what" (the old Stone Cold catchphrase). Mark pinned Dylan for the win.

7. Jake Roberts, The Stallion, and Alex Cage beat EZ Money, Reborn Champion Cody Ices, and Anthony Brody (w/Exotica) in a six-man tag. Money was easily the class of the match and was in control after several tags were exchanged then Jake the snake Roberts was tagged in. Jake then done his famous short arm clothesline on Money and finished things with a DDT.

Notes: This was an entertaining evening as I got to meet WWE HOF Jake "The Snake" Roberts and get a couple of signed pictures. I got to see EZ Money, who has always been underrated and has also gotten the raw end of the stick everywhere he goes. He was becoming a big name in ECW towards the end, then finally given another chance in WCW as Jason Jett, where he showed remarkable charisma and talent and appeared on one pay-per-view before he was shafted again.

This was not the younger Jake Roberts of the '80s. He was merely a shadow of his former self but it took me back to when all was right in the world. He clearly had chronic neck pain but fought through it to give everybody their money's worth. Exotica (otherwise known as Daniel Campbell) is a good friend of mine and was a talented wrestler himself until health problems forced him to retire and become a manager. Daniel said he chose the name Exotica because he admired the exotic one Adrian Street. Air America is very talented and we could hear from them again. Reborn Championship Wrestling is Christian based and puts a refreshing spin on wrestling.

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