6/9 WWE Raw Pre-Show notes: Live coverage of the live WWE Network broadcast

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By Jason Powell

The following is live notes of the WWE Raw pre-show that is being broadcast on the WWE Network. Refresh the page for the latest updates if you are reading this prior to Raw.

-Josh Mathews hosted a panel with Booker T, Alex Riley, and Kofi Kingston. They hyped the blockbuster announcement that The Authority will make to start Raw, and Seth Rollins breaking his silence. A video package recapped the Rollins turn.

-The panel spoke as Dolph Ziggler faced Titus O'Neil in the ring for the WWE Superstars show. The panel debated whether to trust Triple H. Booker took the argument that siding with Triple H was a good move for Rollins. In the ring, Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Titus and pinned him clean.

-The panel babbled on and on while Adam Rose made his entrance for a WWE Superstars match.

-Sheamus vs. Bad News Barrett, and Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro in Money in the Bank qualifying matches were announced.

-Renee Young interviewed RVD, who pointed out that he made his return at MITB last year. He admitted he's had problems with Cesaro, but he said that would make it even sweeter when he beats him to qualify for the MITB match.

-The panel babbled until the Raw broadcast team made their entrances. Actually, the panel continued babbling and took turns making predictions with Booker being the contrarian.

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