06/06 All Access Podcast: WWE NXT audio review – Takeover follow-up, NXT Champion and Women's Champion in action, and a look ahead at June's spoilers

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Zack Zimmerman and Darren Gutteridge review the June 5 WWE NXT television show – Darren's take on Takeover, Mojo Rawley vs. Aiden English, Charlotte vs. Bayley, Bayley's wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men, Summer Rae's return, Jordan and Dillinger cut a promo then compete with jobbers, CJ Parker cameo, friction among the BFFs, Tyler Breeze's music video world premier, Adrian Neville vs. Justin Gabriel, and Tyson Kidd wants a rematch. We also give a SPOILER WARNING before moving into a discussion on what will be happening on NXT TV through the month of June. 

Click here for the June 6 NXT audio show.

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