5/15 Dot Net One Shots: The Dot Net staff give their quick thoughts from the previous week in WWE, TNA, MMA and indy wrestling

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Welcome to the Dot Net One Shot. Each week, we will present a quick "one shot" thought from each staff member about the previous week in each of the following areas: WWE, TNA and Other (MMA, Indies, etc).


Will Pruett (Twitter - @itswilltime): The news of Daniel Bryan's surgery is definitely a buzzkill. Hopefully it will be as minor as it is rumored to be and Bryan can make a full recovery and adjust his style. Meanwhile, on the main roster, a lack of depth on top has been exposed. Hopefully this creates an opportunity to elevate a guy or two before Bryan returns. This would be good for everyone.

Zack Zimmerman (Twitter - @DotNetZim): On this week's DNL, I made the prediction that Daniel Bryan would be stripped of the title. Naturally, I hear neck surgery and fear the worst. On top of that, watching Bryan struggle to fight back tears in his promo on Raw said to me that this is more than missing a few weeks of ring time. I'm not exceedingly confident that it'll be vacated, but it remains my prediction. We'll all find out together on Monday.

Darren Gutteridge (Twitter - @Dazatheg): Well Payback just got interesting, but for all the wrong reasons. Without (at this point anyway) a WWE World Title match to anchor the show, plans will have to change. Does WWE crank up it's youth movement some more and spotlight lower on the card guys, or bank on the established Shield/Evolution and Cena/Wyatt feuds, with a weak undercard? I, unfortunately, suspect the latter, but it certainly is an opportunistic time to do something fresh.

Chris Shore (Twitter - @TheShoreSlant): I feel I need to apologize to all of you. I asked if the start of Daniel Bryan's title reign could possibly be rockier and it seems the cosmos answered with an emphatic…well, "YES!" I sincerely hope that Bryan's road to return is as long as John Cena's was. He worked hard to get to this point, and despite WWE's best (or worst) efforts, he got over and earned the top spot. I hope it wasn't a pyrrhic victory for him.


Will Pruett: We had a pretty nice run without a heel authority figure in TNA. I'm absolutely puzzled as to why any wrestling company continues to insist upon using this trope. It worked once. It has been a pale imitation of the one time it worked for the last 15 years. Why can't wrestling creative actually get creative?

Chris Shore: TNA is once again at a crossroads as it relates to their storylines. They find themselves with yet another heel authority figure for no good reason. In 2014, I don't think there is a single good reason that exists, but if there is and TNA has it, they need to deliver it quickly. The angle has been sold to death in wrestling and it will only hurt the company to stick with it if they don't have a compelling explanation.

Other (MMA, Indies, Etc)

Will Pruett (Network POTW): Let's sit back, relax, and enjoy some good ol' WCW. Fall Brawl 1997 featured the final true War Games match with the evil forces of The NWO taking on The Four Horsemen. It's pretty entertaining and contains a great moment in Curt Hennig's career. Enjoy!

Zack Zimmerman (ROH/NJPW): ROH/NJPW put on a very consistent and entertaining show this past Saturday at Global Wars. In a baseball analogy, I'd call it a solid stand-up double. In terms of what I'm expecting this Saturday at War of the Worlds, I'm looking for a home run. The opportunity is there with the inter-promotional matchups that were largely non-existent on the Global Wars show. I highly recommend checking it out with no concern about the stream, full confidence in the talent, and high expectations for what ROH and NJPW will deliver.

Darren Gutteridge (WWE UK Tour): I've been left disappointed by the last few house shows I've been too, but this time around we are getting the Wyatts and star power from Cena coming to Birmingham on Sunday. The trade-off is all the British talent (Paige, Barrett and the touring Adrian Neville) are on the other side of the tour, making it another year without Birmingham getting to see the bright UK talent on NXT. But we are getting Big Show… for like the 4th straight show.

Chris Shore (ROH): Congratulations to ROH for their successful iPPV presentation last week. While I have not seen the show yet (and I plan to this weekend), I talked with several people who did and heard nothing but glowing reviews about both the content and the presentation. ROH needed a win and got one. If they can repeat it this weekend and do well in June on television PPV they are well on their way to a big boost for the company.

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