4/20 Gutt Reactions Blog: Tag Team Tinkering

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By Darren Gutteridge

Welcome to the Gutt Reactions blog, a slightly skewed look back at the last week in wrestling! Warning: there be attempted humour here.


A catchy, succinct name is a must for a professional wrestling unit. Almost every successful team of the past 30 years has had a unique title that encapsulates everything about them. The Mega Powers were the two biggest stars in the business. The Four Horseman were the harbingers of doom for many a babyface back in the day. But these days, I think they've lost their way.

If you look at stable names these days, they very rarely reflect the men in the team. But don't worry! As always, I am here to shepherd my flock towards more enlighten times. So on this weeks Gutt Reactions, I will address each and every team and put things right.

The Shield:

Problem: They don't shield anybody from anything.

New Name: Triple M – Muscles, Microphone and Maniac


Problem: Reforming after 10 years, which is not progress

New Name: Devolution

The New Age Outlaws

Problem: They are neither new age, nor outlaws

New Name: "The"

The Brotherhood

Problem: Cody and Goldust only share a father

New Name:The Half Brotherhood

The Wyatt Family

Problem: Three crazy people who are not related to each other

New Name: The Homeless Shelter Superstars


Problem: What the hell is a RybAxel? There are far more prevalent traits to pick on with these two

New Name: Pinky and the Lame


Problem: They don't make music. They just lose a lot

New Name: The All New Job Squad

Los Matadores

Problem: The interest in the two actual wrestlers is dwarfed (pun intended) by the interest in their mascot

New Name: El Torito! (featuring two guys in pink Zorro masks)

The Usos

Problem: Errrr. . . nope, there is no problem here

New Name: . . . The Usos

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why they are the tag team champions!

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