Gutteridge's WWE NXT Hitlist: Adrian Neville vs. Brodus Clay headlines a show dominated by big misses, featuring The Great Khali, an Ascension squash match, and a rough return for Oliver Grey

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By Darren Gutteridge


Adrian Neville vs. Brodus Clay: A solid main event, but one I feel was just a warm up for a bigger clash down the road. The finish makes sense in that it protects Clay somewhat, but this feud is kind of in a difficult situation. Clay needs a win for his character to have any kind of credibility, but I don't think he'll become NXT Champion when all is said and done. If he's just having a pit stop in NXT, the damage is limited, but if he sticks around, his "redemption" if off to a rough start.

Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger vs. Sawyer Fulton and Baron Corbin: Hold the damn phone – a good tag match on NXT! Praise be to Thesz! Yes, seemingly in response to a long time problem NXT has suffered (which I cover in the Miss column), tonight saw the debut of one, if not two new teams. We know Jordan and Dillinger are sticking around thanks to their matching gear, but Corbin and Fulton looked good in defeat as well, so hopefully they're here to stay too. The match itself was fine, but this is getting a huge hit based on potential alone.

Colin Cassady vs. Aiden English: A good match. Appearances from both men have been scarce over the past few weeks, but this was a nice reminder of what both men bring to the table – Cassady has a nice arsenal of strikes (and his wrestling game finally seems to be picking up), and English has a good lock on his character both in and out of the ring. You'd expect the act to be a coward, but he showed here, and in his match with Sheamus, that he is instead a man with confident in his abilities, something you would expect from a man of the "performing arts".

WWE NXT Misses

The Great Khali vs. CJ Parker: Khali is a walking Miss, but I will say this only just missed the grade. Everything positive comes from Parker, who bumped like a son of a bitch. I hope we get to see more of Parker on the mic, because I am intrigued by the character.

The Ascension vs. Cal Bishop and Wesley Blake: Seriously, how long have the Ascension been spinning their wheels now? 6 months? Why the hell has no one bothered to build opposition before tonight? On the main roster, a dominant heel can waste time in low-card squashes because it's unimportant. The Ascension are the champions of an entire division. It's such an putrid mess that I may soon apply my NXT Podcast Ascension rule (i.e. not talking about them) to the Hitlist.

Oliver Grey vs. Camacho: Errrr, welcome back Oliver? He looked in good shape on his return, but if this isn't leading to something, then I can hardly think of worse ways to come back into the fold. Maybe this is a loss that will spur him to become the cockney villain we saw in the leaked promo class videos. And the Samoan drop as a finish? Between this, Rose's elbow drop and Rusev's Camel Clutch, someone in NXT creative is determined to take finishers back to the 1970s.What next, a dropkick? A top wrist lock?

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