GFW News: No TV deal in place, notable television name involved

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The Jarrett family's Global Force Wrestling is partnering with "The Biggest Loser" television show creator Dave Broome, according to The story notes that Jarrett and Broome are shopping television rights to matches that will air "both live and live to tape" along with "unscripted fare." Broome states that interest is high from both major broadcast and cable networks.

"It just won't be a bunch of wrestling matches; we have exciting announcements to come," Broome says. "TNA or WWE right now is match after match after match. Global Force Wrestling is not going to do that. There will be matches but there will be a lot more and a lot more variety placed into the actual events that will be really innovative and fresh."

Powell's POV: The story also notes that GFW will air 52 weeks per year and will serve as competition for WWE and TNA. It also claimed that the promotion has "more than 500 performers." I'm not sure how that could be true since I'm not aware of any wrestlers who have signed GFW contracts. Jarrett and Toby Keith's past attempt to buy TNA is also mentioned, and it's noted that it is unclear whether the country music star will be involved in this promotion. Obviously, the fact that the company does not have an actual television deal in place is a major concern, but hopefully they are shooting straight about the level of interest from potential television partners.

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