TNA Impact Wrestling Hit List: Yes! Yes! Yes! Eric Young wins the TNA Title, Dixie Carter is an angry slapper, Bully Ray says WWE, er, TNA belongs to the fans

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By Jason Powell

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TNA Impact Wrestling Hits

Eric Young wins the TNA Title: A minor Hit. Yes, it looks bad that TNA had their mildly popular bearded underdog capture their world title just days after WWE had their wildly popular bearded underdog win their world title at WrestleMania 30. Yes, TNA should have done a better job of actually building up to this moment in a way that would actually make viewers want to see Young win the title. Yes, this makes the TNA creative team look like copycat hacks (more on that when we get to Dixie Carter and Bully Ray). Yes! Yes! Yes! Wait, why did I give this a Hit again? Oh, because it's not like the title meant anything. They killed the value a while back and they'd damaged Magnus to the point that he wasn't going to save it. At least this will be a feel-good story to longtime TNA fans, and Young can actually build up the title win as the greatest moment of his career. Maybe, just maybe, the belt will feel more important as a result.

Gauntlet match: The transformation of Eric Young from clown price of TNA into a more serious performer was had been a bit rocky. I like the way he got the upset win and went on to look like a standup guy by asking for his title match on this show rather than at Sacrifice. I didn't think he was actually going to win the title, but I liked this move when it happened, especially once they established that the title match would air on Impact rather than pay-per-view.

MVP finally made to look intelligent: After weeks of looking like a doofus who was easily outsmarted by the heels, the MVP character finally booked a title match forbidding all outside interference. I wish TNA would be really bold by having him announce that this is the case for all title matches going forward because it send a message to fans that things are changing and that they no longer have to worry about screwjobs finishes in TNA Title matches, but this baby step will do.

Angelina Love vs. Brittany vs. Gail Kim vs. ODB: Good action during the spot fest. I still have no clue what the newest Knockout did to earn a spot in a No. 1 contenders match from a storyline standpoint, but Brittany displayed some flashy offense and had a nice outing. Now they need to get her character over. Love winning was predictable since the focus is on the Beautiful People feuding with Madison Rayne, but I'll take logical over being unpredictable just for the sake of being unpredictable any day.

TNA Impact Wrestling Misses

Dixie Carter and Bully Ray: Dixie returned from vacation and apparently spent some of her down time watching Stephanie McMahon promos. She even slaps like Stephanie now. Meanwhile, Bully Ray did his best Daniel Bryan impersonation when he told the fans that TNA belongs to them, not Dixie Carter. Hell, the Carter family will probably give it to the fans if they agree to absorb the debt and keep Dixie in a power position. Dixie is no longer drunk with power and spoofing her legitimate inadequacies. Now she's just angry. I don't know where it's going, but I know that I have zero desire to find out.

Sam Shaw and Christy Hemme: The only thing I didn't see coming was Ken Anderson going blonde again. And I don't mind if I can see something coming a mile away as long as it entertains me. This was predicable and poorly done. Anderson mocking Shaw's insanity is getting over with the live crowd, but it's also ruining any element of danger that the Shaw character possessed.

Jesse and DJ Z vs. The Wolves: This ongoing program between the Wolves and BroMans isn't elevating BroMans, it's dragging down The Wolves. There's always an excuse when they fail to win the tag titles (except that one time they did for a matter of days), but the fact that they haven't taken them from a team that the average fan perceives as a dated Jersey Shore bad comedy duo is doing them no favors.

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