Ultimate Warrior Death: Twitter reactions of the wrestling world on the passing of Ultimate Warrior

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The following is a collection of tweets from various wrestling personalities on the passing of the Ultimate Warrior. Some have been edited for ease of reading but the content has not been changed.

-Kurt Angle: "Your time has come Warrior. But you made a huge impression in this world, today- and for future generations to come! RIP!!!"

-AJ Styles: "My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Ultimate Warrior."

-Zack Ryder: Woke up...thought it was just a bad dream...I can't believe he's gone...but I'll always believe in the power of The Ultimate Warrior!"

-Ted DiBiase: "My heart goes out to the Warrior's wife and family today. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Rest in Peace Warrior."

-Scott Hall: "Of the people inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame 2014 the smart money was on me and Jake checking out first....NOT the Warrior. RIP #BROTHER"

-William Regal: "My condolences and best wishes to the family of the Ultimate Warrior. RIP."

-Damien Sandow: "My prayers go out to Warrior and his family."

-Devon Dudley: "One of my childhood heroes in the 80's and 90's has passed on The Ultimate Warrior. Yet another one taken from us so soon. My condolences to his family and Friends warrior thank you for the memories you will be missed but never forgotten R.I.P."

-Sean Waltman: "My sincerest condolences to the family of Warrior, Especially those two beautiful girls of his. RIP"

-Steve Corino: "Shocked. Woke up to see that Ultimate Warrior passed away. I just watched his amazing HOF speech yesterday. So sad. Life is so fragile."

-Kevin Von Erich: "Jim Hellwig, Warrior, who ever, he was Kerry's friend, and was always up front with me. RIP Dingo, life turns on a dime."

-Booker T: "Sad to hear about the passing of Ultimate Warrior. Hope he's up there shaking the ropes right now."

-Mike Bennett: "Superheroes are suppose to live forever & when they don't, we are at our most vulnerable. Warrior was the closest thing to a superhero #RIPWarrior"

-The Rock: "Loss always has a way of reminding us to live and love as greatly as we can. My prayers and strength to his family. RIP Ultimate Warrior."

-Randy Orton: "My thoughts and prayers go out to the Warrior family. It breaks my heart after seeing how proud his girls are of their father. Stay strong."

-Daniel Bryan: "Heartbroken. My sincerest condolences go out to The Warrior's family. Seeing how much he loved his daughters and his wife this weekend makes it all the more heartbreaking. The Ultimate Warrior was my favorite as a kid, and getting to speak to him this weekend was one of my favorite moments. He was so nice to me. #RIPWarrior"

-Batista: "After all these years I finally got to tell him that me shaking the ropes was an homage to him. Blessed to have had that moment. #onelife"

-Jim Ross: "Sad to pass along the news that the Ultimate Warrior has died. Condolences to his wife & two, young daughters. RIP Warrior."

-Kazarian: "My heart is broken. Literally at a loss and dazed with sadness. The Ultimate Warrior, my childhood hero has left us. Can't process this..."

-Kevin Nash: "So happy I embraced Warrior with a hug when we saw each other backstage Saturday night. My heart goes out to his family. Always Believe."

-Roddy Piper: "Tomorrow is promised to [no] one!! Enjoy every second, with a tool called love!! My love to The Warrior and family. RIP."

-Seth Rollins: "I just don't know what to say....Warrior was a huge part of why I fell in love with pro wrestling...Life is too damn short."

-Steve Austin: "Shocked to hear of Ultimate Warrior's death. I used to drive to Sportatorium in Dallas to see him in WCCW. He had a damn good run. RIP."

-Zeb Colter: "Stunned to hear of the Ultimate Warrior passing...I managed UW and Sting when they were both starting out. RIP Jim. Peace be with you."

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