WWE Raw onsite report: A detailed notes on the crowd chants during the first Raw after WrestleMania 30

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Dot Net reader Nathan Sags attended the WWE Raw show in New Orleans, Louisiana on Monday and sent the following report.

-The yes chants were consistent and loud to start the show. Daniel Bryan is a star.

-An NXT ad was shown and there were light NXT chants. There was also an Ole chant during the ad (for Sammy Zayn).

-There was a huge clap along to Wyatt Family theme song. No reaction for Big E, a mixed reaction for Sheamus. Fans sang "John Cena sucks" in tune with song. This continued during the match... along with my fave of the night, the fans singing 'He's got the whole world in his hands' somewhat in unison. "Let's go Harper" got a good workout too. Sheamus played up to the heat.

-The mixed tag match got a weird reaction with Fandango and Emma were the most over in the match. I noticed a small 'Aussie, Aussie, Aussie... Oi oi oi" chant.

-During an ad, a "We want Sting" chant started. I'm not interested but I get why people are.

-Brock Lesnar came out to a chorus of boos. There was a somewhat mixed reaction while Paul Heyman spoke, although mostly boos. Heyman's 'he barely tolerates me' got a laugh. I'm surprised he played to the 'what' as it was barely noticeable. The crowd seemed unsure how to react. So am I. I thought there'd be some kind of positioning statement given the limited dates, but there was nothing. I guess Brock's WWE Title desires are to be forgotten? Other than bragging, I'm not sure what to get out of that?

-The Uso Brothers got a nice reaction. Randy Orton got a mixed reaction. The double count out caught audience by surprise, as many were busy going through chanting for the announcers. Probably smart booking.

-Very understated return for Rob Van Dam. The crowd followed along with RVD and chanted "You've still got it." RVD did not look impressed by that chant. It's not one I love and really was probably only appropriate for Ricky Steamboat's return a few years back, not a guy gone for five months.

-Wade Barrett got a massive pop. Rey Mysterio never stood a chance. There were lots of Brits, but I think people are generally behind Barrett and want to see him pushed. Decent match.

-Zack Ryder got a surprisingly positive reaction. The guy has been booked like Barry Horowitz for two solid years. Alexander Rusev was going to have to work for love from this crowd. The typical 'USA' chant broke out. A camel clutch? Wow. Hello 1983. Any foreigner must use this henceforth it seems. Blah.

-There was a looooong ad break with signs shown. Cesaro was shown on the big screen to a nice ovation.

-Ultimate Warrior got a nice reaction, shameless plug that it was. Shaking the ropes went down well.

-AJ Lee on the screen got a nice pop. Good. Well, Paige eclipsed that. There was a "This is awesome" chant for impromptu defense. It looked like the finish was botched. Was AJ beaten by a basic leg sweep? Either way, the crowd went nuts. That was fun.

-A Superdome chant greeted hogan. Cesaro received a huge pop and it grew monstrous when he claimed to be a Heyman Guy. I like it, but I'm not sure how that positions Cesaro, who is clearly a face? Heyman got a good laugh calling Zeb Colter "grandpa." Maddox got a "Thank you, Maddox' for setting up the match and the WWE staffer who swept the broken trophy out of the ring was greeted with 'Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!' And 'thank you, sweeper' chants. There were Cesaro chants as well as 'King of Swing' chants. The crowd also sung along to The Real Americans theme while doing the Cesaro pump action. A red hot crowd for this despite count out finish. A pay-per-view match of Cesaro vs. Swagger?

-No time for a title match and they played on Triple H being the "boss" again. I smell Vince McMahon, or a basic Shield attack on Triple H. Kane's line about Triple H organizing the attack seemed to get lost in Stephanie McMahon's screaming with the crowd.

-Well, I was wrong. A bit of foreshadowing with The Shield and a decent finish that the crowd was into. A good show on the whole and fun.

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