WWE Raw onsite report: Live crowd thanks the Broom Guy, conflicting Paul Heyman reactions, Wade Barrett was more than just a UK fan thing

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Dot Net reader Matthew Hiett attended WWE Raw in New Orleans, La. and sent the following report.

-Dolph Ziggler vs. Ryback may be the loudest Superstars match ever.

-It was unfortunate for Big E to be thrown in with John Cena and Sheamus. The mark crowds aren't used to booing him and even gave a polite applause to his spot on Erick Rowan.

-The Wyatts have been over all weekend, even at Axxess.

-The crowd was still angry over Undertaker's loss, but ate up every word spoken by Paul Heyman.

-Rey Mysterio had zero reaction, and Wade Barrett's pop wasn't just from the UK fans. Everyone was excited to see him get ring action.

-About half the crowd sang along to Adam Rose's music during the vignettes.

-The Tag Title match was about to be hijacked with chants for Justin Roberts & JBL before the count out.

-Paige got a huge pop. They were smart to have her debut on this show with diehards in attendance. The title is questionable, but we all loved seeing it change hands.

-Heyman received a huge pop when Cesaro introduced him. It's amazing how he can get two drastically different reactions within an hour.

-A "Thank You Maddox" chant broke out.

-A production guy sweeping the trophy debris from the ring got a "Sweep!" chant, then "Thank You, Broom Guy!"

-Daniel Bryan's promo, which I assume was on Backstage Pass, ended the night.

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