Mick Foley comedy review: Notes on Foley's set and the overall experience

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Dot Net reader Bert Martin attended the Mick Foley show in Bellevue, Washington on Sunday and sent the following report.

I had the pleasure of attending Mick Foley's spoken word/comedy show at the Parlor in Lincoln Square in Bellevue, WA last night. This was his second performance of the evening, with the first show having sold out. The venue was mostly full for his second show. I attended with a friend and we were seated at one of the front center tables roughly 8-10 feet from the stage.

For those familiar with Mick's autobiographies, there was a lot of familiar ground covered in his set. Highlights included Jake Roberts urinating between the beds in their shared hotel room, traveling with Steve Austin and DDP while trying to "crack" the latter culminating in Foley and Austin putting a few dozen cookies in Page's bed. There was also a lengthy recap of his famous HIAC match at KOTR '98. He finished up by talking about his HOF induction. A short Q&A followed.

Interesting notes:

- Foley brought a water bottle onstage with cues written on it; from where I sat, I read: Jake, Siri, DDP, HOF, Santa, Q&A.

- A wrestler that Foley referred to as Ravishing Randy was brought on stage during the DDP story to say the "F" word on command, which as readers of Foley's first book know he refrains from using except in special circumstances.

Overall, the show was enjoyable and I would recommend it to any wrestling fan. For those that have read Foley's books, there were still enough extra tidbits in his stories combined with impressions of various wrestling personalities (Vince, Taker, etc) to make the event worthwhile.
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