WWE DVD recap: Viva La Raza - The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero (Disc Three)

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By By Jason Powell
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-Rey Mysterio recalled Eddie Guerrero's happiness when he won the WWE Title for the first time. "Eddie enjoyed every single moment of it," Rey said. This led to a Mysterio vs. Eddie match from the March 13, 2004 Smackdown.

Powell's POV: Eddie was also very stressed out by the experience. He felt a lot of pressure to carry the company and really ate at him, but no one mentioned that.

-JBL said he still has heat with some fans in El Paso, Texas due to his feud with Eddie. He said he had to have a police escort to get out of the town once. "I have been in easier car wrecks and street fights than what Eddie Guerrero and I did to each other," JBL said. He said Eddie passed out backstage from losing so much blood during the match they had at Staples Center. He said he hit Eddie with a stiffer chairshot than he's ever given anyone, and he laughed when recalling how Eddie got him back several times. This led to JBL vs. Eddie from Judgment Day 2004.

-JBL said there was nothing like Eddie. "Wrestling Eddie Guerrero feels like a fantasy," he said. Next up is a cage match from the July 15, 2004 Smackdown between Eddie and JBL.

-Michael Cole discussed Eddie's infectious smile. He said it was hard not to like Eddie even when he was "the bad guy." Cole said the rivalry between Eddie and Kurt worked because they were such opposites. He said Kurt was the stuffed shirt type, while Eddie was loose and fun loving. "It was completely telegraphed and you could see it coming a mile away, but you still laughed at what he did. This led to Angle vs. Eddie from the Apr. 14, 2005 Smackdown.

-Mysterio commented on how Eddie carried himself well in and out of the ring. Mysterio said Eddie was born with charisma and was born to be a wrestler. "He was complete, man," he said. "He was one of those guys when you talked to him and you saw him you knew he had a good heart." This set up a cage match between Rey and Eddie from the Sept. 9, 2005 Smackdown.

-Batista said Eddie never passed judgement on anyone. "He never made you feel like a rookie," he said. Batista thought Eddie felt sorry for him and that's why he took a liking to him and showed him the ropes. Batista broke up as he recalled his wife telling him that Eddie died. He also recalled a phone message Eddie left him the night he died. This set up Batista vs. Eddie from the No Mercy 2005 pay-per-view.

Powell's POV: Touching comments from Batista, who referred to Eddie as the big brother he never had.

-Batista said he called Eddie back to the ring after the pay-per-view was over so that he could sing happy birthday to him. There was a montage of comments from various superstars including Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, and Chavo Guerrero Sr..

-A sobbing Vickie recalled how much she missed Eddie's laugh.

Dean Malenko, Mysterio, Chris Jericho, and others spoke about how much they miss him. Jericho spoke about Eddie's religious beliefs and said he was the type of person who wouldn't push that on people.

-Vickie said Eddie's legacy will be a man of honesty, love, and compassion. Chavo Jr. said people will remember his generosity. Chavo Sr. said Eddie was a true Guerrero.

-The DVD concluded with a graphic that read, "In Memory - Eddie Guerrero - 1967-2005."

Special Features

-Jericho recalled the first time he met Eddie. He said Eddie was working for the AAA promotion while he was working for CMLL. Jericho said Eddie had already had a few drinks when Hector Guerrero introduced them. Eddie was in a surly mood and ripped into Jericho. The next morning, Eddie didn't remember what he said, but he knew it was wrong, so he apologized to Jericho.

-Eddie's final match with Mr. Kennedy from the Nov. 11, 2005 Smackdown his also available in its entirety.

Powell's Final Thoughts: A three-disc DVD on the career of Eddie Guerrero and not one mention of Chris Benoit. That's really a shame given how close they were. I could understand if that's a request that Vickie made, but my hunch is that this was a company decision. I hate the way WWE has erased Benoit from their history and you can't tell the true Eddie story without including Benoit.

The lack of a documentary is never a good thing for a WWE DVD release. The documentaries are what make their DVDs so strong. I realize they already had an Eddie documentary on a previous DVD release, but it's still frustrating, but it's still missed on this set. You won't learn anything new about Eddie from this DVD, but it was well done and included some fun stories from his friends and family members.
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