Twilling's Blog: The value of Brock Lesnar and even Bill Goldberg to WWE

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Oct 27, 2010 - 02:58 PM

By Rich Twilling

Wednesday, OCTOBER 27 - 2:58 P.M. (CT)

-Brock Lesnar is a once in a lifetime talent. What he has done athletically throughout his life has been nothing short of amazing. On top of all of that, his appeal as a top notch, world renown superstar, is through the roof.

Let us look at a few facts. Lesnar first debuted on WWE television the day after WrestleMania 18, in 2002. He immediately began a feud with Matt Hardy and the rest was history. He main evented his first WrestleMania and defeated Kurt Angle.

One year later, he wrestled his last match for the company, a loss to Goldberg at WrestleMania 20. Poof. He was gone. For a man who reigned supreme as a main event talent in the WWE, it is incredible to think he was only in the company for two years.

If Lesnar was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, very few people would scoff at that. However, the bigger talk right now is will Lesnar return to WWE, perhaps for a WrestleMania payoff in a match against The Undertaker?

The idea of this happening has a lot of people talking and a lot of people excited. We know that a lot of things would have to happen before this becomes a legit possibility, but think about how popular and important Lesnar is to WWE.

Seven years after his last match with the company, Lesnar coming back to wrestle would be huge for WWE and huge for WrestleMania. It would definitely spike the buy rate for Mania and would get a lot of people talking in many different circles. Lesnar is that big of a star.

It is too bad that nobody on the current roster warrants this type of reaction. Sure, John Cena vs. Taker would be an interesting WrestleMania matchup, but let's be real here. Lesnar vs. Taker would blow that match out of the water.

Lesnar's popularity and rise in the UFC was meteoric as well. The guy is money. He is a Mike Tyson-like pay-per-view draw. Despite his loss over the weekend, he will still be a top draw for UFC, if he stays there. Does anyone else get the bad feeling this may not end well between Lesnar and UFC?

Regardless of what happens with Lesnar and UFC and Lesnar and WWE, Brock is a star that rarely comes around. If WWE could somehow get him to come back, he could be exactly what they need. Oddly enough, he would still be a WWE "youngster," given his short tenure with the company.

-On a lesser scale, people have been talking about Goldberg and WrestleMania 27 as well. Goldberg's last match was the aforementioned match with Lesnar at Mania 20. Goldberg would not make the splash Lesnar would on pay-per-view, but his inclusion on the show would definitely be positive for buy rates.

What is going on in WWE that they need to look outside of the company to bring people in for matches on their biggest show of the year? Does WWE make stars like Lesnar or did Lesnar make himself? Was Goldberg's run in WCW enough to warrant a spot on the card at WrestleMania in 2011?

Steve Austin said he was open to one more match and everyone started to point toward WrestleMania 27. Let's say for example that Lesnar, Goldberg, and Austin (funny, Austin was involved in that Lesnar vs. Goldberg match too) are all absent from the card. Will Mania be a disappointing show? Will it lack that special feeling? Let's just hope they get at least one of the three.

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