Twilling's Blog: Did WWE miss out on an opportunity by having Sheamus win the King of the Ring?

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Dec 1, 2010 - 04:24 PM

By Rich Twilling

Wednesday, DECEMBER 1 - 4:24 P.M. (CT)

-Sheamus won the 2010 WWE King of the Ring tournament. I am not going to complain about Sheamus at all during this blog, but WWE dropped the ball here. Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H, and others won this tournament before becoming WWE Champions. Sheamus has held that title twice already.

Did Sheamus need to the win? No. Out of the field, he probably was the best choice, but he did not need it. Alberto Del Rio is a guy a lot of people would have liked to see win, but his push suggests he didn't need it either. John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, or Cody Rhodes are all guys that could have used that nudge in the upward direction.

Why even have the tournament if they are going to have a current main eventer win it? If that is the case, load up a tournament with Randy Orton, John Cena, The Miz, Edge, Undertaker, and others and make that the King of the Ring tournament. Sheamus was above this, in my opinion. Sure, it will be fun to see him play the role of a king, but the push involved is not something he needs.

I mentioned Morrison, Kingston, and Rhodes. They are all upper mid-card guys. The King of the Ring tournament should be a wrestling heavy and high wrestling quality tournament that elevates someone. Instead, we received the 2010 edition, which was very underwhelming.

Don't get me wrong, Sheamus is a top level talent and his rise to the top happened more quickly than the rise of others, but he should not have won this tournament. So, let's take a few guys in the tournament that could have benefitted from winning the tournament.

Morrison: He grew a beard, which means he is better than he was before he grew the beard. Same old story for John. He is innovative and impressive in the ring. He is horrible on the mic and in backstage segments. He had a feud with Sheamus going, but that looks to be over and the win for Morrison at the Survivor Series turned out to do very little for him.

Rhodes: Cody needs kneepads. When you have dental floss thin legs, you should cover them up as much as possible. Beyond that, the "Dashing" gimmick is awesome. I don't know if it is a main event level gimmick, but why not give it a shot? WWE knows what they have with Sheamus; but they could have an untapped resource in Rhodes.

Kofi: I like Kofi but I just think he lacks that "it" factor we talk about so much. Shelton Benjamin and Morrison are guys that fall into that category too. The king gimmick would have been weird looking on him, but the push would have helped. Smackdown has Edge as its top babyface (when Taker is away), so the show is prime for a new face, and Kofi could be that guy.

Drew McIntyre: Revert back to last Thursday and be thankful he didn't win.

I'm sure Sheamus winning will lead to bigger things from him (than Santino Marella) until he challenges again for the WWE Championship or Triple H comes back. Yes, I waited until the end on purpose to mention him. Chalk up the King of the Ring tournament as a way to make Sheamus look stronger for Hunter's return. End of story.

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