Short’s Blog: Who is Roman Reigns? Does he fit in with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins?

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Nov 19, 2012 - 02:20 PM

By Josh Short

After debuting alongside internet darlings Dean Ambrose (John Moxley) and Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) at Survivor Series, a lot of people have been wondering who is Roman Reigns?

For the past couple of months I have been reviewing NXT and I’ve been watching FCW for a couple of years. I saw Roman Reigns debut in FCW and at first I gradually started to like him as a performer. Reigns (Joe Anoa’i) is from the same legendary Anoa’i family (son of Sika, brother of Rosey). Like many wrestlers, Reigns first started out playing football. He was signed by the Minnesota Vikings as a defensive tackle before moving to the Jacksonville Jaguars and finally the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.

In July 2010, Reigns signed a developmental contract with WWE and made his debut on September 9, 2010. Reigns was mainly used sporadically until the beginning of 2012. This is where it makes me question his alignment with Rollins and Ambrose. Both Rollins and Ambrose have been wrestling for several years more than Reigns. I understand Reigns has a great family heritage but given that he’s only been wrestling for just over two years why would WWE place him with two established former indy wrestlers? It must be because his in-ring ability and promo work is so good right?

Reigns has been wrestling for just over two years and, while he has shown promise in developmental, he’s still, in my opinion, not ready for the main event roster call up. Reigns is a big guy; he’s 6 ft 3 and is around 260-280 pounds and considering his size, he’s a capable high flyer. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not Umaga, Bam Bam Bigelow, or Yokozuna, however he can be enjoyable to watch when he’s jumping off the top turnbuckle or coming back off the ropes.

Reigns’s weakness, in my opinion, is his promo work. Reigns’ debuted on NXT three weeks ago and for three weeks he has only just done enough to establish that he’s a heel. He’d been a babyface the majority of his time in FCW. His promos thus far have been extremely generic; saying stereotypical phrases to put himself over such as "I am THE man." Thankfully, though, with Reigns being aligned with Ambrose he shouldn’t have to worry about promos. While we’ve seen wrestlers with supposed really poor mic skills such as Daniel Bryan rise to the top of WWE I just don’t get that feeling with Reigns.

He’s good in small doses, as a babyface, but as heel I just feel that Reigns isn’t as good right now as the words that are being used to describe him by such people as Jim Ross. Reigns has potential, there’s no doubt about that, but right now I don’t think he’s ready for the position he’s been placed in. Thankfully though, Reigns has Ambrose and Rollins to cover up his negatives and showcase his positives when they appear together.

So bottom line; who is Roman Reigns? He’s a NXT wrestler from the legendary Anoa’i family that is now aligned with two popular former indy wrestlers. Does he fit in with Rollins and Ambrose? Yes, in the respect that he can claim he’s a developmental wrestler that wants a main roster spot. Ultimately, though, I don’t think he’s ready for the spot he’s in, nor do I think he deserves it. If WWE wanted a power guy for the spot why not Big E Langston? Why Not J. Bronson?

Roman Reigns is in a valuable spot and I genuinely hope he proves my belief that he’s not ready yet wrong and he becomes an immediate success.

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