8/8 Wednesday One Shots: The Dot Net staff give their quick thoughts from the previous week in WWE, TNA, MMA and indie wrestling

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Aug 8, 2012 - 07:53 PM

Welcome to the Wednesday One Shot. Each week, we will present a quick "one shot" thought from each staff member about the previous week in each of the following areas: WWE, TNA and Other (MMA, Indies, etc).


Will Pruett (Twitter - @itswilltime): I really like the decision to have Daniel Bryan face Kane at SummerSlam. At this moment, neither man had a natural match going into the biggest show of the summer and they both needed something to do. They've been rivals, in a way, since just after Over The Limit. This also allows Bryan the opportunity to rub elbows with another top star on pay-per-view. This is a good thing for both men.

Jake Barnett (Twitter - @barnettjake): I think WWE is doing an admirable job of trying to extend Raw to 3 hours, but I still struggle to sit down and set aside that much time for a wrestling broadcast on a weekly basis. I do appreciate WWE taking more time to tell stories, but I have to imagine the stress put on WWE's creative team will net diminished returns down the road. I'm sure USA and WWE figure that into their expectations, and it will be interesting to see how quickly the burnout factor sets in.

Mark Gessner (Twitter - @MarkGessner): I really enjoyed the Shawn Michaels exchange with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman on Monday which subsequently led to Shawn being added to the match to work Hunter's corner. I'll be interested to see what role HBK will play in the match at SummerSlam and if he will take any bumps for Brock. If they're is anyone who can sell Brock as a monster powerhouse, it's The Showstopper. The slow burn and build towards this match has been phenomenal over the past few months and in my opinion is by far the main event of SummerSlam.

Ryan Kester (Twitter - @TheRyanKester): While I am still not sold on three hour Raws every week, this week's edition of Raw was solid. It flowed well from start to finish and we were treated to plenty of storyline progression and entertaining matches throughout.

Chris Shore (Twitter - @TheShoreSlant): Perhaps the Olympics are hurting the Raw ratings the past two weeks, perhaps they are not. Whatever effect the Olympics have had, they are not what is killing any buzz WWE created with the Raw 1000 episode. Nobody is talking about WWE except for Linda's Senate opponent. For a company that talks so much about their brand, they are not doing it any favors right now.


Will Pruett: While I can see the Aces and Eights angle feeling like a retread of the nWo angle from WCW, I feel like there is enough variance to make it compelling. TNA is doing a nice job holding off the payoff without it getting repetitive (last week's Aces an Eights no-show was brilliant). They have a lot of time invested in the eventual payoff and it could be the final piece of the great puzzle they're putting together.

Jake Barnett: I like the vibe of distrust and unpredictability that Aces and Eights has brought to TNA, but I really have no interest in James Storm being the leader, if that's the direction they go. The Claire/AJ storyline continues to be brutal, and Earl Hebner the heartthrob is also a channel turner. I hope these stories get more interesting as the play out, but I don't think the acting chops are there.

Mark Gessner: I thoroughly enjoyed top wrestlers, and Garrett Bischoff, interjecting themselves into the main event to attempt to keep Aces and Eights out of the match. It gets over how dangerous the group is that Kurt Angle, Sting, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, and the champion Austin Aries would join together in a preemptive strike to fight them off. Really interested in the payoff to this angle.

Ryan Kester: While I understand what TNA is going for with James Storm, I have to question TNA's decision to undermine two of their top babyfaces. There are several people at the top questioning both AJ Styles and Storm's integrity because of their respective storylines and to me that seems like a completely backwards way of handling babyfaces.

Chris Shore: Rumors are flying around the Internet that Claire Lynch is played by a former porn star. The pictorial evidence is inconclusive (yes, I looked), but I kind of hope it's true. Not because I care all that much, but because it would be the only thing to make this god forsaken storyline interesting. With TNA being so much better, I cannot believe they are sticking with this garbage.

Other (MMA, Indies, Etc)

Will Pruett (Weirdo): So, I used up pretty much all of my indie thoughts in my indie corner blog this weekend, so I'm going to point you towards something awesome. If you've ever wanted to see what Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation or Annie Edison from Community would look like as wrestlers, look here. You can thank me later.

Jake Barnett (ROH): The TV tapings from ROH this week revealed that ROH is still struggling to develop interesting stories. There are glimmers of hope with the tag division, but the struggle to find credible challengers for Kevin Steen is evident. I wish them success, but the show still feels out of date, when it once had a reputation of being state of the art.

Mark Gessner (UFC): This past Saturdays' UFC on Fox 4 was the UFC's best show on network television to date. You had the excellent comeback story with Mike Swick fighting for the first time in a few years due to his illness winning his return bout in dominant fashion. Joe Lauzon and Jamie Verner tore the house down with Lauzon pulling off the third round submission victory. And, the mini Light Heavyweight tournament was excellent to close out the show. Lyoto Machida earned himself a title shot with a great counter punch that turned Ryan Bader's lights out in the first round. The main event, was probably the best Brandon Vera we have seen looking excellent in defeat against Shogun in a four round war. Great show all-around.

Ryan Kester (UFC): UFC on Fox was highly entertaining, especially when it came to the co-main and main event. Vera and Rua had a hell of a fight, but Machida looked absolutely brutal in his well-timed KO of Bader. I will be looking forward to Jones vs. Henderson and seeing if we can get a repeat of Jones vs. Machinda down the line.

Chris Shore (ROH): I am still baffled behind the naming of Rhyno and Mike Mondo as number one contenders to the ROH World and TV titles, respectively. Just typing that sentence makes my head hurt. With guys like Michael Elgin, Tomasso Ciampa, and Mike Bennett around, why would you go with either of those guys? Unreal.

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