3/7 Wednesday One Shots: The Dot Net staff give their quick thoughts from the previous week in WWE, TNA, MMA and indy wrestling

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Mar 7, 2012 - 08:18 PM

Welcome to the Wednesday One Shot. Each week, we will present a quick "one shot" thought from each staff member about the previous week in each of the following areas: WWE, TNA and Other (MMA, Indies, etc).


Will Pruett (Twitter - @itswilltime): Is it real? That seems to be the major question as people talk about The Rock and John Cena. Do they really hate each other? Is someone shooting? Is this all a worked-shoot? To the worked-shoot point, I would like to remind people that a worked-shoot is simply a more convincing work. To the rest, I think of the moment in the Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart DVD when they say that they "worked themselves into a shoot."

Jake Barnett (Twitter - @barnettjake): Raw was definitely more good than bad. It made up for a Smackdown that seemed to lack focus in terms of selling WrestleMania. I enjoyed Triple H and HBK, as well as the tag match involving the World Champions and their competition at WrestleMania. The Rock and John Cena have also be delivering good performances, just not when they are on the screen at the same time. My hope is that they are able to put together a WrestleMania worthy confrontation very soon.

Ryan Kester (Twitter - @TheRyanKester): My condolences, thoughts, and prayers are with Kia Stevens and her fiancee. I have seen first-hand what that type of loss can do to a family, and I wish her the best in her reported efforts to raise awareness for other families facing the same trial.

Chris Shore (Twitter - @TheShoreSlant): WrestleMania is a little over three weeks away. Right now, if you asked me if I would buy the show, my response would be, "Yes, but only for the wrestling." Very little feels special about this card as of now. Hunter vs. Undertaker does. Cody vs. Big Show is perfect for middle of the card. Punk vs. Jericho is turning the corner, but everything else I'm ambivalent about. And I hate that because I love getting sold this time of year. Come on WWE, convince me to want to buy this show. Of greater importance, my prayers are with Kia Stevens and her fiancee in their time of grief. As a parent, the idea alone is so horrific that the realty must be all consuming.


Will Pruett: Austin Aries had a major chance to stand out and shine as a main event star on Thursday's show. This was a great use of him and I really believe that he could be a breakout star for TNA. I just hope that they don't get distracted by him and forget about James Storm, their stalled star that is readily available to breakout anytime they give him the chance.

Jake Barnett: A lot of Impact last week felt like a reboot of the brand, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I still think the Knockouts division is too focused on the women being objects instead of athletes, and turning the Jesse Sorensen's injury into a storyline is regrettable in my opinion, but otherwise I think this is the best product TNA has put forward in quite some time. Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and James Storm deserve special mention for their performances.

Ryan Kester: It's disappointing to see the ratings come in and not support the best product TNA has put out in months. Last week's Impact had its flaws, but it featured the top of their roster better than any of their other recent efforts.

Chris Shore: Ignore the ratings for this past week. And perhaps even the next two or three weeks. TNA is going to be better for the changes they made at creative, but it's going to take a little time.

Other (MMA, Indies, Etc)

Will Pruett (ROH): Going into the tenth anniversary show this past weekend I was not excited about the main event featuring Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole, but I expected a really good match. I still am having trouble believing what we actually got. It was one of the worst main events in ROH history. All four men seemed so obsessed with the fake MMA strong style that they forgot about actually telling a story in the match. This was a boring affair and ROH needs to rethink continuing down the road with this style.

Jake Barnett (ROH): ROH had a pretty good show on Sunday with the 10th Anniversary Show. It suffered a bit due to production errors and somewhat of a lack of "big match" feel, but most of the show was a lot of fun to watch and delivered a great value for the iPPV dollar. I still think if ROH performers managed to dial the pace of their matches back from 11 to 8, they'd be able to create more drama in the ring, but I understand many people disagree with me.

Ryan Kester (ROH): I managed to catch the 10th Anniversary show last weekend, and while there was plenty of entertaining action throughout the entire evening, a lot of that was undone by the main event. I take nothing away from the work-rate of the match's participants, but the shear number of near falls that led to the anticlimactic finish just made for an exhausting effort. There's a lot of good in ROH, but their world title picture leaves a lot to be desired.

Chris Shore (Evo): I will once again be hosting the Pro Wrestling Evo pre-show this Friday on Obviously, I work for the company, but do not think that colors the truth when I tell you this is a promotion to watch. People are talking. It may never come to anything, but all the pieces are there to make it very successful.

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