10/4 Wednesday One Shots: The Dot Net staff give their quick thoughts from the previous week in WWE, TNA, MMA and indie wrestling

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Oct 4, 2012 - 03:55 PM

Welcome to the Wednesday One Shots. Each week, we will present a quick "one shot" thought from each staff member about the previous week in each of the following areas: WWE, TNA and Other (MMA, Indies, etc).


Will Pruett (Twitter - @itswilltime): WWE Main Event debuted this week. I am a passionate wrestling fan. I greatly enjoy the current WWE product. I don't sit around wishing it was twelve years ago. I don't know if I will watch one episode of this new show. It might be great, but I can't imagine that anyone has time in their week to watch all of WWE's programming.

Jake Barnett (Twitter - @barnettjake): The Main Event on Monday really had me missing the Bryan/Punk feud from earlier this year. I'm not sure what I think of Ryback getting shot up to the main event already, and my doubts were cemented in his rather boring bout with Tensai on Monday. WWE is carried by larger than life personalities, and we don't even know if Ryback has one yet.

Ryan Kester (Twitter - @TheRyanKester): While I may not like Ryback's push up the card at this point in his career, because I don't see a good endgame for his involvement with Punk, I do like the rub he is getting from working with the WWE Champion. Punk is white hot right now and Ryback simply because paired against him seems to have helped him get over already. WWE still needs a way to transition him away from Punk without ruining that, but for now what they're doing is working.

Chris Shore (Twitter - @TheShoreSlant): Has WWE ever been a bigger mess right now? The Golden Goose (John Cena) is hurt. CM Punk is doing good stuff, but we are seeing way too much of him. Ryback pops in out of nowhere. Daniel Bryan and Kane have outlived their gimmick after just a few weeks. Sheamus is everything everyone hates about Cena, but worse. WWE is the waste land of creative wrestling right now, and they show no signs of making the necessary changes to fix it.


Will Pruett: If Eric Bischoff is actually going to be revealed as the leader of Aces and Eights, TNA will have quite a few fans tuning out. It's not that this is a bad or nonsensical idea. It's that Bischoff was the "big evil" behind Immortal. If he's behind Aces and Eights as well, it will feel like a rerun.

Jake Barnett: Impact has really cooled off in recent weeks after having a long string of very entertaining broadcasts. Bound for Glory doesn't seem nearly as big as it should, and I think a lot of that has to do with TNA having a lot of long term storyline up in the air without having the cliffhangers necessary to hold my interest. I hope they can get back on track soon.

Ryan Kester: I really want to be more positive about Bound For Glory than I am. the show simply doesn't have me excited this year, and a large part of that is the feeling that we're about to tread familiar TNA ground again. I hope the company proves me wrong and shows that they truly have changed for the better and don't go back to another rehash of the same old angles.

Chris Shore: It looks more and more like Eric Bischoff will be revealed as one of the guys, if not the guy, behind Aces and 8s. I hope we are being swerved on this, both as a fan and as someone who wants to see TNA succeed. If Bischoff ends up being behind the group, it will confirm what many people already fear: Bischoff is a one hit wonder. He was the head of NWO. He was the head of Immortal. How many more times can this guy be the leader of the renegade group? My guess is he jumped that shark the last time, and being revealed as the head here again will cause more than a few people to turn the channel for good.

Other (MMA, Indies, Etc)

Will Pruett (Indies): What do you personally look for in an alternative wrestling product? Is match quality more important on an indie show than the stories being told? I've wondered this myself, as most indie shows are only available long after the event. I'll take story over ring work most days of the week, but I doubt many indie wrestling fans (or promoters) feel similarly.

Jake Barnett (Steve Austin): Steve Austin responded in jest to CM Punk's comments about him on Monday, and it really renewed my interest in seeing those two have a battle at a WrestleMania. I can't think of a better contrast of characters to put together in a WWE ring, and both men have the sharp wit and bravado to pull off some amazing promos together. Guys, just take my money already!

Ryan Kester (More WWE): If there's one bit of silver lining from Jerry Lawler's heart attack, it's that it provided Cole with the opportunity to shed his heel character. Other than some uncomfortably over-the-top enthusiastic deliveries over the past few weeks, Cole has been calling the action straight and he is a better announcer for it. Raw may still feel like a drag to me, but the announcing is so much better that it doesn't matter as much.

Chris Shore (PWX/ROH): Matt Hardy faces Kevin Steen at PWX's "An Evil Twist of Fate" this Friday on Highspots.TV, and I have to admit I'm fairly confused as to why ROH is letting this happen. Hardy certainly looks to be in ROH for a while, where he is chasing Adam Cole and the TV Championship. So why let another promotion steal your ability to have Steen and Hardy meet for the first time? Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to calling this match, but I wonder how smart this is for ROH.

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