10/24 Dot Net One Shots: The Dot Net staff give their quick thoughts from the previous week in WWE, TNA, MMA and indie wrestling

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Oct 24, 2013 - 03:45 PM

Welcome to the Dot Net One Shots. Each week, we will present a quick "one shot" thought from each staff member about the previous week in each of the following areas: WWE, TNA and Other (MMA, Indies, etc).


Will Pruett (Twitter - @itswilltime): Coming out of SummerSlam, I couldn't have been more excited for the Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton series of matches. Now, as we approach (what will likely be) the blow off to this program, I can't wait for it to end. The in-ring work has been average, when they are capable of more, and the story has been below average at best.

Jeff Lutz (Twitter - @JeffreyDLutz): Pointing out Daniel Bryan's flaws on television to cement his spot as an underdog is counterproductive, but at least his deficiencies are being acknowledged. Dolph Ziggler, who is similarly admired by us internet folk, can't even get criticized. It's like that high school football coach who says, "If I'm not yelling at you, that means I don't care about you." Well, Ziggler isn't being yelled at by anyone right now, and it seems as if WWE no longer cares about him. I realize that not everyone can carry the ball all the time, but Ziggler deserves better.

Jake Barnett (Twitter - @barnettjake): I can't find much energy to write about the WWE product right now. I get the impression Vince and company have a strong idea of what they want their product to be, but I'm just finding it to be kind of samey and uninteresting lately. I think the fact that it took them three weeks to find something remotely interesting for Shawn Michaels to say is a crime, and it speaks to how myopic the product has been since SummerSlam.

Zack Zimmerman (Twitter - @InVasionZim): Raw featured a lot of good in-ring action on Monday, so a big thumbs up for that. My only qualm is that despite Bryan and Orton being heavily featured in the go-home segment for Hell in a Cell, they were overshadowed by three veterans who aren't even wrestling Sunday. I understand that they're working towards bigger storylines, but why undercut the current main event scene in the process of getting there?

Ryan Kester (Twitter - @InnominatusTTV): I look forward to the aftermath of Hell in a Cell more than I am looking forward to the actual PPV. WWE has been in a cram mode these past few months with PPVs that are so incredibly close to one another, and it's been to the detriment of some otherwise great stories.

Darren Gutteridge (Twitter - @Dazatheg): I really don't understand the inclusion of Big Show in the main event story. He himself has been fine, but what reason is there to use him instead of a new guy who could use the rub? Bryan was doing fine flying solo, but if a "second in command" was needed for the anti-authority side, why not make it someone who has a long term future in wrestling, not an established guy entering his later years?

Chris Shore (Twitter - @TheShoreSlant): Hell in a Cell is finally here and all the signs point to someone finally winning the WWE Championship. That being the case, I grow more and more uneasy that WWE somehow finds a way to leave this title up coming out of Hell in a Cell too. I don’t know how, and I don't want to see it, but my fear continues to grow.


Will Pruett: Sitting in the audience at Bound for Glory on Sunday night, staring at half an arena of empty chairs, and feeling the crowd's excitement get deflated time after time, it was hard not to fear for the future of TNA. I'm not predicting doomsday for this company and I certainly don't want to see TNA fail, but if there isn't a major course correction soon, it feels like the end may be near.

Jeff Lutz: There is no correct casting for an authority-versus-wrestler story line in 2013, as the concept is completely played out, but A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter are the exact wrong personalities for such a story. Styles lacks the charisma necessary to get the fans behind anything other than his wrestling ability, and Carter is so devoid of any natural acting talent that she only receives go-away heat that does nothing for Styles's popularity.

Jake Barnett: TNA has the opposite problem of WWE. They seem to have no idea who they are as a promotion, and are struggling mightily to create an identity that separates them from their competition. I want to give them slack, because of all the backstage drama as of late, but the futility has been going on so long it's hard to even do that. The fan pictures of the live attendance for Bound for Glory would make me question why I was working there, if was in that position.

Zack Zimmerman: Several days removed from Bound For Glory, I can confidently say that it was one of the worst PPVs I've ever seen. The buildup was sub-par, the lineup was not nearly worthy of being labeled the "biggest show of the year," and there wasn't a single satisfying finish on the show. Not to mention we're getting the main event rematch tonight on Impact. If you paid for that show, I'm sorry.

Ryan Kester: Bound For Glory was a decent PPV, but that's not the word you want someone using to describe your biggest PPV of the year. TNA has a lot of work to do with their storytelling, and I can only hope that they start to correct things with this week's Impact.

Chris Shore: Bound for Glory wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the big show TNA needed either. Too many matches suffered from silly gimmicks and overbooking, and there were too many "other things" on the show instead of the announced card that distracted. The ratings for the go home show and the pre-show special both point to poor buys. All in all then, you have to point to BFG as a failure for TNA.

Other (MMA, Indies, Etc)

Will Pruett (PWG): I have to give major credit to Candice LeRae for her performance against The Young Bucks on Saturday night. She stole the show out from under the biggest names on the indie scene and played the babyface in peril perfectly. Hearing she had a try-out with TNA is music to my ears. They need a good, strong babyface Knockout and LeRae can be exactly what is needed.

Jeff Lutz (Paul Heyman):I hope there is something for Paul Heyman to do between the time after he (I assume) finally gets what's coming to him from C.M. Punk this Sunday and when Brock Lesnar returns to WWE (I assume) early next year. Ryback and Curtis Axel weren't unreasonable choices to become the next Paul Heyman Guys, but part of the reason those partnerships fell flat is because Heyman had no real history with those two performers. Heyman is always good, but he's at his best when he makes rivalries feel truly personal. Without C.M. Punk to oppose and with two underwhelming stars at his side, Heyman may have to work even harder to remain such a compelling character.

Jake Barnett (John Cena): Lots of Video Packages promulgated Raw for John Cena's return, which did a great job of making his return feel like the big deal that it is. The problem is that it hasn't been long enough since he left for me to get excited merely by his presence, so I can't help but feel underwhelmed heading into Hell in a Cell.

Ryan Kester (TUF): This season of the Ultimate Fighter has been surprisingly solid. The idea to bring on a co-ed group of fighters has really livened the show up, and it's been a lot of fun seeing what some fresh faces in the female fighting world are capable of in the Octagon.

Darren Gutteridge (NXT): I've heard a lot of criticism of Mojo Rawley following his NXT TV debut. I have only seen one match, so maybe those who have seen the house shows have a better case to make, but I would like to press for some patience. The former NFL player is still very green, so shouldn't be on TV, but to persecute him this early on is a mistake. Give him time, and if he doesn't improve, then feel free to spew venom.

Chris Shore (All Wrestling): WWE is bad. TNA is worse, ROH is a non-factor. When is a group going to step up and breathe life into wrestling? There is a ton of low hanging fruit to be picked and no one anywhere seems to be able to reach it.

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