10/12 Wednesday One Shots: The Dot Net staff give their quick thoughts from the previous week in WWE, TNA, MMA and indy wrestling

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Oct 12, 2011 - 09:11 PM

Welcome to the Wednesday One Shot. Each week, we will present a quick "one shot" thought from each staff member about the previous week in each of the following areas: WWE, TNA and Other (MMA, Indies, etc).


Will Pruett (Twitter - @itswilltime): What is there to say that has not been said about the weak product that WWE gave us on Monday? Smackdown is more boring than exciting. Raw looks like the worst of crash TV all mixed up in a blender. What is happening in WWE? Is their plan to just tread water with bad storyline trends until The Rock returns next month? What about December through January when Rock won't be around to save them? The company needs a strong creative hand and it looks like Vince McMahon is not capable of providing that.

Jake Barnett (Twitter - @barnettjake): WWE continues circling the drain on Raw. I'm not sure how much longer they can retain even their most hardcore fans at the rate they are blowing through major angles with haphazard booking decisions. Who is writing these shows? People on twitter seem to want to blame this on booking by committee, when my own observations lead me to believe creative authority is too tightly held in the hands of an insulated few who can't imagine other people not liking the same things they do. Either way, it's been a disaster and a damn shame to watch them squander the good faith they built up this summer.

Mark Gessnar (Twitter - @MarkGessnar): Wrestlers walk out on Triple H last week due to Miz and R-Truth's attacks at Hell in a Cell. Hunter gets removed of his duties as COO by Vince McMahon who was "fired" as CEO after 40 minutes of talking to open Raw. Wrestlers comeback when Johnny Ace replaces Hunter. A hour later Ace stops the main event he made to rehire Truth and Miz. At least the logic was air-tight on Monday.

Ryan Kester (Twitter - @TheRyanKester): Raw is at an all-time low. The hotshotting and overuse of the same old superstars has really led to a product that is simply garbage.

Chris Shore (Twitter - @TheShoreSlant): When Raw went off the air Monday, I was not mad. I had no desire to rant. I didn't even want to be funny with snark. I was left with one thought, and one thought alone. "That was absolutely terrible."


Will Pruett: If you asked me what the best wrestling product in America is right now, I would say it is TNA. Bobby Roode's push is a shining example of how to get behind someone with a long term plan, execute it well and bring it to a head at the right time. This product, despite many of its flaws is making me look forward to Thursday nights more than I have in a long time. The creative change might have brought this about, but it could also be a sign that TNA is taking Bound for Glory seriously. Either way, Sunday is a day that I'm looking forward to more than any show since WrestleMania.

Jake Barnett: I have been pleased with how TNA has slowly been cutting the superfluous nonsense off their shows. They had a good core product in there, and a lot of talented people on the roster, but it used to be hard to see it through all the vanity projects taking place on their shows. There is still some of it, and hopefully they are in the process of cutting out completely, because when they do they will have a very tight and watchable wrestling show.

Mark Gessnar: Second season of Friday Night Lights is starting on ESPN Classic. USC plays Cal on ESPN in a big Pac-12 match-up. Brewers and Cardinals play Game 4 of the NLCS tomorrow night. Plus, Jersey Shore is finishing up its fourth season. Let me know how Impact is tomorrow night cause there's zero chance I'll be watching or DVRing it.

Ryan Kester: There's one major difference between TNA and WWE at the moment. I'm looking forward to watching TNA's next show.

Chris Shore: I thought it was just the newness of going to watch it in the theater, but I am really looking forward to Bound for Glory. TNA has done a good job of concentrating on this show, and it is apparent in the stories. Most of them still have shitty logic behind them, but there hasn't been any real shenanigans leading up to the big day. I will be reporting from the theater Sunday. Let's hope I and my fellow theater goers are presented with a show to match the build.

Other (MMA, Indies, Etc)

Will Pruett (ROH): The ROH World Championship match on SBG this week should have been on the first episode. They probably lost many viewers between then and now with sub-par production values and unknown wrestlers. This was the match the kickoff show needed to be great. I sincerely hope that the product from the next set of tapings is more compelling than what we have seen with this current set. Production values aside, this show does not feel special.

Jake Barnett (ROH): ROH really needs to get a stronger heel presence on their television shows. Once they have that and their production issues addressed, I think it will be a hell of a broadcast. The announce booth needs some help, too, but I'm willing to give it some time and let them gel together before I get too obtuse about it.

Mark Gessnar (UFC): Chael Sonnen once again proved why he is the best interview in MMA once again on Saturday. After dominating young phenom Brian Stann for a round and a half before finished him with a submission, he cut one of, if not the best, post-fight MMA "promo" with Joe Rogan. He laid down the challenge to Anderson Silva, who was sitting cage side, to a rematch for the UFC Middleweight Championship. However, he raised the stakes. If/when Chael wins, Silva has to leave the 185 pound division. If Silva wins, Sonnen will leave the UFC. A fight that was already going to draw huge PPV buys, just jumped from near seven-figure buys, to well over it.

Ryan Kester (ROH): The quality of the production, from what I have been able to see so far, has left a lot to be desired. Here's hoping that the second round of tapings fixed some of the production issues of the show so that they don't detract from the great in-ring work ROH delivers.

Chris Shore (Indys): CHIKARA and Pro Wrestling Evo were exactly what I needed when I returned from vacation. Both showed me that yes, wrestling can be very good today. I used to be such an indy snob. Now that I know what I was missing, IU am preaching from the roof tops. Please don't be an indy snob. The best wrestling in the world is out there, just not on Monday or Thursday nights.

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