WWE Raw Buy or Sell: The Miz defends the WWE Championship against Jerry Lawler of all people, Sheamus becomes the King of the Ring, John Cena has his run of the place despite being fired, and more

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Nov 30, 2010 - 03:14 PM

By Ricardo Twilling

-Since I took over for mi primo, Rich Twilling, on Raw coverage and audio last night, I went for the Raw trifecta by taking this column today tambien. Enjoy.

-The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler for the WWE Championship: I am buying the match. I will comment further on who was in the match, who interfered in the match, and how the match was booked in the next entry. The match itself had all of the makings of a good main event.

There was a compelling underdog. There was a hot crowd. The TLC environment allowed for "nearfalls" on the ladder and for the aforementioned underdog to have enough offense to give the idea he could win the WWE Championship. From the outside looking in, it was a good main event.

-The Miz's first night as WWE Champion: Here is where I am selling and selling big time. First of all, to get it out of the way, Miz's first promo as champion was just fine. We had heard a lot of it before, but there was nothing wrong with the promo. It wasn't great, but it was good.

Okay, here we go. Why in the hell was Miz facing a 61 year old announcer in his first WWE Championship defense? Why did they book it in a way where Lawler had more offense and would have won the belt if not for his own stupidity? Why was Michael Cole the person that physically pulled King off of the ladder?

WWE has always felt like their heels have to win matches and look weak doing so. Why? If a heel champion wins his matches using his supreme intellect and in-ring skill, wouldn't a title change to a hot, chasing babyface mean even more once it did take place? Miz nearly losing to Lawler was a disgrace to him and the WWE Championship. Let's just hope WWE starts to get it right next week. I want Miz's first reign to be praised, not "Mysterio-ed."

-Sheamus wins the 2010 King of the Ring: Sheamus winning the crown is perfectly acceptable, but I am still selling this. The King of the Ring has always been, and rightfully so, a tournament to jump start a mid-card or upper mid-card guy into main events. Sure, it hasn't always worked, but it is a sound strategy.

Sheamus is a former two time WWE Champion. He did not need to win this thing. Alberto Del Rio and John Morrison would have been good winners. Kofi Kingston or Cody Rhodes could have used the crown very much. If WWE did not want any of those guys to win, why not put someone else in the tournament? Sheamus did not need the tournament.

-Overall thoughts of the King of the Ring tournament: I am selling the tournament. It had the potential to become a prestigious, yearly tournament. However, the 2010 version was very underwhelming. There were a couple of good matches, but why book a double count out in an eight man tournament? The booking all night was very odd.

-John Cena takes out three members of The Nexus: It makes sense to have your top merchandise draw on television during the holiday season, but I am selling this. Cena bought a ticket, but he is running around backstage and commanding the camera crew around. How ridiculous is that?

Ultimately, of course, the payoff is going to be a match, or a few matches, between John Cena and Wade Barrett. Once they finally get there, will people want to see it? I'm already starting to lose interest in the program, and we have a ways to go. Additionally, based on what we did see, I now love the idea of Juan Cena.

-Dissension and intrigue in the announce booth: I am buying this like everyone else because I'm hoping it ends up with Jim Ross taking back his old spot. Michael Cole was beaten up by Jerry Lawler after causing King the WWE Championship in a match with The Miz. Read that last sentence again. I can't believe I typed that and I cannot believe it happened.

CM Punk was tested a lot on last night's show. He worked with Cole as King was backstage getting ready for his match. He called the last part of the show alone. He had a very good night. Next week in the booth should be interesting to say the least. If Ross comes back and Cole ends up being the anonymous GM, that would work well for me.

-Ted DiBiase shows more edge and fire than he has in a long time: Huge buy here. DiBiase needs something to get himself going. Hell, a babyface turn could be exactly that. He was close to turning babyface late last year but WWE did not pull the trigger on Ted leaving Legacy. Randy Orton turned instead and Ted never recovered. Perhaps this is the recovery we have all been waiting for.

-Tamina and Santino Marella : As a fun mid-card couple act, I will buy it. Why the hell not? However, I thought they were finally getting some momentum going in the Divas Division, only to have them take a backseat to the new lovebirds. If anyone is going to take the Divas seriously, WWE needs to take them seriously week in and week out.

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