WWE Raw Buy or Sell: Build to TLC, surprise appearances, The Miz steals a Slammy from that angry girl, Wade Barrett rehires John Cena, the Slammy Awards, and more

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Dec 14, 2010 - 04:30 PM

By Rich Twilling

WWE Raw Buy List:

-Build to TLC pay-per-view with new matches added: On last night's show, John Cena vs. Wade Barrett, John Morrison vs. Sheamus to become the number one contender for the WWE Championship, and LayCool vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya were all added to the TLC pay-per-view. Additionally, Cena, Randy Orton, and Edge all won matches with clean finishes.

The overall episode of Raw was average at best to this viewer, but they did a nice job of creating a "solid card on paper" for Sunday's pay-per-view. I thought they were effective in making fans excited to see Randy Orton put The Miz through a table and John Cena beat on Wade Barrett with a chair.

-Surprise appearances: I might be in the minority with David Arquette, but I thought he was annoying enough to where fans enjoyed seeing him get put through a table at the end of the show. Nice to see Christian and Edge on camera together again. The "Angry Miz Girl" was fun in a short spurt. Finally, seeing Shawn Michaels in a pre-taped interview was a nice treat for fans.

-The Miz steals a Slammy Award from that angry faced girl: I separated this because how often do we get to see a heel do something like this? TNA had Jeff Jarrett make a bunch of little kids tap out. Miz cutting a promo on this girl and then taking her award away was great.

-Tyson Kidd: In a short award presentation segment at the beginning of the show, Tyson showed a lot of promise on the mic. His timing was good, his cockiness showed, and he was overall very impressive.

WWE Raw Sell List:

-Wade Barrett rehires John Cena and we get more of the same: WWE had to have known they screwed up by not following through with the firing stipulation of Cena. So, instead of dragging out Barrett's decision, they threw it out there pretty quickly. Afterward, The Nexus beat up Cena again. The Nexus beatings don't hold the same weight that they used to. I just hope we can now move on and get a solid program out of Cena and Barrett.

-The Miz being booked weakly as WWE Champion: There is a difference between vulnerable and weak. Miz doing just enough combined with a few other factors to hold onto his championship makes him look vulnerable. That's acceptable. Miz getting his ass kicked and only winning because the referee is too stupid to actually watch the match makes him look weak. It's a fine line and WWE is on the wrong side of it right now.

-The Slammy Awards: These officially suck. Nobody cares. The only award that approaches legitimacy is the "Moment of the Year" because if they gave a "Match of the Year" award, it would have gone to Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. There were a few cool surprise moments, but overall, this concept sucks and should go away.

-The Nexus looking weak: I think it is the beginning of the end for The Nexus. The Barrett vs. Cena program is on its last legs and once it is over, I think the group will fizzle out. Let's hope they enjoyed their summer.

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