WWE Money in the Bank Confidence Rankings: Former Dot Net staffer Marv Hermanstyne returns to deliver his rankings for each wrestler in the All-Stars match

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Jul 14, 2013 - 12:05 PM

By Marv Hermanstyne

The following are my confidence ratings of each competitor in the WWE Championship All-Stars Money in the Bank ladder match that takes place tonight in Philadelphia. These predictions are strictly my opinions and I have no inside information whatsoever. If you missed my picks on the other MITB match, check out my editorial from last night on the main page.

Before we get going, I was at the Payback pay-per-view a few weeks ago here in Chicago and I have the collectable chair and ticket as proof. If you would like to purchase the chair, follow me at and send a DM (direct message) on Twitter for details. Anyways, by popular demand I am coming out of my two year hiatus and creating confidence ratings for one of my favorite pay-per-views outside the WWE Big Four - Money in the Bank.

This is my reverse chronological order of who has the potential to win this match:

Christian (Marv’s confidence rating - 1, fifth appearance): If we wanted to put together a Mount Rushmore of guys in ladder matches during the Attitude Era, Christian clearly makes this list. Overall, superstars in ladder matches, that can be a roundtable discussion, but when it comes to this match, he’s at the bottom because his 2013 return has been rather forgettable. I know he’s coming back from being on the shelf for over a year, but I just don’t see another world title run in the future unless he gets ONE MORE MATCH…

Sheamus ( Marv’s confidence rating - 2, second appearance): Sheamus babyface persona is pretty stale and as much as I like to see Sheamus as a heel, WWE needs babyfaces and you can basically exclude him out of the title picture for the moment. Additionally, feuding with the Rhodes Scholars does him no favors. This is just a case of a main eventer feuding with mid-carders to stay relevant and but he is a strong addition to an all-star caliber match.

CM Punk (Marv’s Confidence rating - 3, fourth appearance): Chicagoans do not kill me, but Punk is this low for numerous reasons. First of all, Punk will most likely feud with Brock Lesnar at Summerslam and this match alone has to potential to sell PPVs. Both of Paul Heyman’s “boys” facing each other on a Big 4 PPV is enough to make me tune in. Secondly, you do not need the WWE Championship to be involved in this matchup. Trust me when I say this, this feud has potential to be great if booked correctly and I have the upmost confidence that we will get a hell of a story out of these former champions.

Rob Van Dam (Marv’s Confidence rating - 4, second appearance): WWE has done a great job with vignettes promoting RVD’s return, but this is clearly a tease for the fans. Will the fans mark out loud when he makes his return? Hell yeah. Will they be disappointed when he doesn’t when this match? Meh, it's hit or miss depending on the crowd. It would be a mark out moment to see Rob Van Dam win the MITB and cash in on John Cena for the second time in in seven years, but we can only dream about this possibility. Can lighting strike twice on the same champion?

Daniel Bryan (Marv’s Confidence rating - 5, 2nd appearance): Bryan has be rather entertaining these last couple of months and he is probably the fan favorite outside of RVD to win this match, but he is no more than a strong darkhorse in my opinion. He’s been getting a nice push which will probably lead to a title reign later this year, but this weekend he will come up short.

Randy Orton (Marv’s Confidence rating - 6, 3rd appearance): As much as it kills me to say this, Randy Orton is due to win this match. Orton hasn’t held the WWE Title in forever and this can be one hell of a swerve to catch people off guard. People may moan and groan about seeing Cena vs. Orton for the 6,478,300th time, but Orton winning this match can lead to….a MUCH NEEDED HEEL TURN. Orton has run his course as a babyface and he’s a natural heel. I saw Alberto Del Rio’s heel turn in person at Payback and it was pretty mediocre, Randy Orton turning heel would be epic. Even if it’s a slow turn, it will still be newsworthy. Orton is hungry and he wins the match and cashes in later on this year. Cashing in the same night will not benefit him in front of the Philly crowd because the fans won’t care UNLESS he wins and rips the fans afterwards.

Mind of Marv: As star studded as this match will be, there are only a few guys who can win this match. I took Orton because he is the guy no one is thinking about. Bryan is a strong favorite because of his push, but I don’t see it happening. RVD is the teaser but you can forget it. Everyone else is just filling in for star power.

If you want to watch along with me, I’ll be at The Squared Circle in Chicago, 2418 North Ashland in Chicago. Its Lisa Marie Varon's (Tara’s from TNA/former Victoria in WWE) restaurant. Thanks for reading and tweet me

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