WWE Money in the Bank Confidence Rankings: Former Dot Net Staffer Marv Hermanstyne returns and lists his rankings for the World Heavyweight Championship version of MITB

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Jul 13, 2013 - 06:30 PM

By Marv Hermanstyne

The following are my confidence ratings of each competitor in the World Hvt. Championship version of the Money in the Bank ladder match that takes place Sunday night in Philadelphia. These predictions are strictly my opinions and I have no inside information whatsoever. I will be back on Sunday with my confidence picks for the WWE All-Stars version of the Money in the Bank match.

Has it really been two years since I wrote a column for Dot Net? I was at the Payback pay-per-view a few weeks ago here in Chicago and I have the collectable chair and ticket as proof. If you would like to purchase the chair, follow me at and send a DM (direct message) on Twitter for details. Anyways, by popular demand I am coming out of my two year hiatus and creating confidence ratings for one of my favorite pay-per-views outside the WWE Big Four - Money in the Bank.

To be perfectly honest, this may be the weakest MITB match in history. I understand WWE is trying to get the viewers to tune in to the youth movement of stars, but man…we gotta see some spots and some excitement in this match or I will assume the winner of this match will cash in and LOSE.

This is my reverse chronological order of who has the potential to win this match:

Antonio Cesaro ( Marv’s Confidence rating – 1, first appearance): Man, what the hell is going on with this guy? WWE is destroying his heat by flipping his character like a light switch. First he’s Anti-American with Aksana on this side, then has a forgettable U.S. Title run, then he jobs out and as a result he yodels…now he’s pro-American because he found himself with Zeb Colter?!? We The People…Zzzzzz. I would be a damn fool to think Cesaro would win this match, although it would be cool to see a Neutralizer off a ladder.

Cody Rhodes (Marv’s Confidence rating – 2, fourth appearance): Anyone who read my Smackdown reports in the past know I respect Cody’s wrestling abilities, but his character hasn’t really changed. He’s still mid-card, comedy fodder for the simple fact he has a mustache. What has Cody Rhodes done for us lately? Weren't there people saying this guy should be main eventing by now? Don’t get me wrong, he can wrestle….but winning this match? Nah.

Jack Swagger (Marv’s Confidence rating - 3, third appearance): The only former MITB winner in this match will definitely do some damage with his power, but it’s a long shot that he will win this match. If he had never gotten that DUI, then my perception would change because he would be champion or on his way to becoming a champion. But even when he was a champion, he was a weak champion that no one really took seriously.

Wade Barrett (Marv’s Confidence rating - 4, second appearance): Ugh. Remember when this guy led the Nexus and was killing everyone every week? Me neither. His singles run has not been spectacular even when he was IC Champion. He’s lost in the shuffle and should’ve been in the world title picture a long time ago. Barrett has the talent to be a world champion, but I don’t think it’s his time yet. He has to get over and get some quality wins before we can consider him world championship material.

Fandango (Marv’s Confidence rating - 5, first appearance): Fahn-dahn-Go. Another young guy whose character has cooled off since his debut. Did the concussion make a difference or does he still keep the attention of the WWE Universe with his theme song and dancing? If WWE really wants to throw a curve ball, he can be a sleeper to win this match. Go for Broke…you have nothing to lose when this match has a bunch of mid-carders.

Damien Sandow (Marv’s Confidence rating – 6, second appearance): Can Sandow SILENCE the crowd and win MITB? It’s a strong chance he can. He’s another dark horse that needs to breakout and make a statement. I think this is the end of the Rhodes Scholars at MITB if Sandow can prove he is hungrier to win this match. Plus, there have been some seeds planted of a breakup when they both said they will respect whoever wins the briefcase. And we all know that’s all BS because one will be jealous of the other.

Dean Ambrose ( Marv’s Confidence rating - 7, first appearance): The current United States Champion is probably the best wrestler in the this match and probably the unanimous winner. The way WWE treats their secondary champions, I wouldn’t be shocked if Ambrose has a lengthy U.S. Title reign just to cash in the MITB briefcase and lose.

Mind of Marv: This match kicks off the PPV for the simple fact that they need to keep the crowd entertained with the youth. Getting a throwaway tag team title match on the free show does us no favors either. Have some cold beer ready and enjoy the show.

If you want to watch along with me, I’ll be at The Squared Circle in Chicago, 2418 North Ashland in Chicago. Its Lisa Marie Varon's (Tara’s from TNA/former Victoria in WWE) restaurant. Thanks for reading and tweet me

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