Twilling's Weekend Brief: The Miz is correct, MVP was misused, John Cena on TV, NXT, Jim Ross, Hogan Knows Best, HBK and the Total Gym, saying 'Merry Christmas' instead of 'Happy Holidays,' and more

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Dec 4, 2010 - 03:45 PM

By Rich Twilling

-The Miz was dead on with his comments. A lot of people attach the word "legend" to the word "older." Sure, character-wise, a lot of those older stars would have become WWE Champion in today's landscape. However, go to WWE On Demand and watch some of those matches. They don't do half of the things in the ring then that they do now.

-I will give a nod to those old school performers after watching Jerry Lawler perform in the main event of Raw this past Monday. He was phenomenal and the crowd was eating it up. That was being a veteran at its best. Young wrestlers attempting to capture the audience should watch that match and study it.

-WWE has dropped the ball before and they will drop it again, but they really are guilty of this with MVP. The cocky, arrogant, black athlete with corn rows writes itself as a money, antagonist, heel character. On top of that, the man playing the role was perfect. A lot of money was left on the table there.

-TNA has a pay-per-view tomorrow. I will say that I am intrigued at how they will keep the Heavyweight Championship on Jeff Hardy while keeping Matt Morgan strong and not turning Mr. Anderson. If they swerve us "just to fool us," that would be ridiculously stupid.

-Some wrestlers say the right things in interviews and others shoot themselves in the foot. Morgan is one of those people who fall in the former category. He seems to have genuine respect for the wrestling business and for being a World Champion. When and if it does happen for him, you know he will appreciate it.

-If anyone thought WWE was going to take John Cena off of television during the Christmas shopping season, you were crazy to think that. They cannot turn him heel because of the merchandise he sells, so you know they aren't going to just remove him from television.

-That being said, having him crash shows is beyond "suspending belief." The "Juan Cena" stuff would have been a vast improvement over having Cena just appear on show after show, especially after he talked for awhile about spending more time at home with his family.

-I would love to see WWE put the King of the Ring back on pay-per-view and treat it as a big deal. In fact, why not make it a sixteen man tournament. Randy Savage won four matches at WrestleMania IV. Why not make someone every year in that same fashion?

-NXT season three is over! Cel-e-brate good times, come on!

-NXT season four begins next week. Celebration over.

-There has been a lot of talk lately about Owen Hart and that he would have been WWE Champion had he not tragically died. Not sure why people would think this. Sure, he had the talent for it, but Owen was with WWE for a year and a half after Bret left.

-Owen was a great talent but was securely in the mid-card. If they were going to put the belt on him, doing it when Bret left would have been the logical time. At the time of his death, he was playing the Blue Blazer and wrestling for the Intercontinental Championship. He was nowhere near a main event push.

-Anyone excited at the possibility of Michael Cole leaving the announce booth and Jim Ross returning to Raw? Some people think that is just the cool thing to say. No. Ross is a legend and as long as he does not have permanent laryngitis, he should be the voice of WWE.

-I saw a YouTube video of Howard Finkel as a MC at a wedding. He was awesome. Imagine having Finkel introduce you at your own wedding. Shoot, make it a trifecta by having Eric Bischoff in disguise officiate, and JR doing the play by play for the wedding video.

-Hogan Knows Best coming back? Works for me. I thought it was a damn good show and in the ultimate case of "addition by subtraction," we wouldn't have to see Linda Hogan at all.

-This just in: Bret Hart does not like Hulk Hogan or Eric Bischoff.

-Shawn Michaels did more to sell the Total Gym than Chuck Norris ever did. I always think the wires are going to dig into your skin. Also, those attachments looked like a pain in the ass. I will say that I want to try the Total Gym now at least.

-They may not be a playoff team if they started today, but the San Diego Chargers are the best team in football right now. Maybe they should start taking the beginning of the season a bit more seriously.

-Watching the SEC Championship game and Auburn just scored a touchdown within the first two minutes. Some people are saying even if Auburn loses this game, they should remain in the number two spot and face Oregon for the national championship. I couldn't agree more. TCU does not belong playing for the title. Woody Paige and JA Adande make idiotic statements more times than not.

-Not sure if I shared this argument before, so if I did, this is me reiterating. It is okay to say "Merry Christmas." I'm sick of hearing it is insensitive to those who do not celebrate Christmas. How thin skinned do you have to be to be offended by someone saying "Merry Christmas"?

-What about those people who do celebrate Christmas, which is most people. Should they be offended when someone says "Happy Holidays" to them? Tell you what, if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. If you don't, Happy Holidays. Problem solved.

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