Twilling's Weekend Brief: NXT season four and what will become of me, Bill Goldberg, Hulk Hogan, Jim Ross, Roddy Piper, Eva Longoria and the Spurs getting old, Thanksgiving, stupid newscasts, and more

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Nov 20, 2010 - 02:11 PM

By Rich Twilling

-Today on the site, Jason put up a story that there might be a fourth season of WWE NXT. Suicide watch is a little bit much, but Twilling going MIA feels just right.

-In all seriousness, while NXT season three is amongst the worst programming ever on WWE TV, at least it is that bad. NXT seasons one and two were just mediocre and boring. Season four will probably be the same.

-My dead Grandfather always used to say to me (baseball related), "If you are going to make an error, make a big one." NXT seasons one and two were errors. NXT season three was a big one.

-You hate to see people lose their jobs, but WWE definitely cut some of the fat yesterday. There are others on the roster they could do without. TNA should think about doing some housecleaning as well.

-I have to give credit to Bill Goldberg. He had a five year career and has been away since 2004, but he still remains relevant enough to be in the Hall of Fame conversation at WrestleMania in Atlanta next year.

-WWE Old School Raw may have been best episode of Raw in 2010. Why is it this company has to look into the past and/or outside of the company to put on compelling shows?

-That being said, a lot of fans I'm sure are intrigued by the John Cena stipulation in the Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett match at Survivor Series. What the hell does WWE have planned for after this show is definitely a pressing question.

-Are we supposed to feel bad for Hulk Hogan when he makes comments like, "I've made hundreds of million of dollars." It's like when Meg Whitman, during one of her Governor of California ads saying, "I'm not just a billionaire who doesn't know anything about politics." That could have cost her and now we are stuck with Jerry Brown.

-Alex Riley was arrested for a DUI. With all of the cuts being made, I'm sure he is a little nervous.

-Speaking of DUIs, I'm glad to hear Shawn Michaels and his family are okay.

Jimmy Wang Yang is taking credit for getting Sheamus his job? Never mind the fact Sheamus has talent and has earned his place. I pushed for Chris Shore getting his job covering Smackdown here at Dot Net, but that was because I felt he was the best candidate.

-Back to NXT for a moment, there is a more annoying girl than the one that thinks she is hot and is not? Aksana, I'm speaking to you (through an interpreter).

-Roy Nelson wants to face Brock Lesnar? Roy, you are no Cain Velasquez. Hell, I could put forth a list of about ten guys he is not in the league of. Roy is a glorified tomato can.

-How long will it take for fans to forget they heard Jim Ross call another match on WWE Raw? That was like giving a kid the best Christmas present in the world and then taking it away on December 26th.

-"Rowdy" Roddy Piper did more to sell the Survivor Series than anyone or anything has thus far, and you know what? It worked. You all know I am covering the show regardless, but I'm more excited about it now than I have been previously.

-For a couple of years there, San Antonio Spurs fans went to games for a chance to see Eva Longoria Parker. Now she is getting divorced from Tony Parker. It's okay though, that team, and that girl, are definitely past their prime.

-Facebook PPOTW: Attention whores. Stop with the over dramatic comments about your well-being in an attempt to be noticed and to get people to tell you how great you are.

-I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Family and great food. For some of you, both of those things are something to look forward to. Hey, if you can't stand your family, grab a plate, head to the back of the house, and watch some football.

-This is the time of year where it will be "news" that malls will be crowded. No shit. Stop sending your reporters to malls to have them point out there are a lot of people shopping.

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