Twilling's Weekend Brief: Linda McMahon in 2012, NXT, PPVs, Matt Morgan, Lita and Trish, Kevin Nash, Steve Austin, idiot protestors who loot their own city, pathetic teenagers that trick or treat, and more

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Nov 6, 2010 - 04:00 PM

By Rich Twilling

-Just when you thought the election was over, Linda McMahon for Senate in 2012 could be up and running!

-Okay, our unofficial poll results are in, and the idea of Linda running again "Sucks." I was surprised to see that on the ballot too.

-Did you know? WWE moved NXT to because they wanted to expand the number of ways in which they show their programming.

-Oh! I thought it was because the show sucks and no network worth a damn, or even one that isn't, wanted nothing to do with NXT. Silly me.

-Is the WWE Survivor Series still one of the big four pay-per-views? This one feels like just any other show. They have a couple of weeks to change minds, but I don't see it happening.

-Speaking of pay-per-views, who is excited about TNA Turning Point tomorrow?

-Be honest, how many of you didn't even realize there was a TNA PPV tomorrow?

-The lineup looks good on paper, and it would be nice to see a clean wrestling show, but I have a feeling there will be several run-ins and finishes involving interference.

-Will Matt Morgan remain a babyface after tomorrow's show? Or, will he be revealed to have been with Immortal the entire time? Or, could Fortune have something up their sleeves?

-Nice to see Lita appear on Raw this past Monday.

-Jim Ross suggested Lita and Trish Stratus vs. LayCool at WrestleMania. It would be awesome to see Lita and Trish back, but damn, that is way more than LayCool deserves.

-Say something like that was in the works, would we then get four more months of LayCool with the Divas Championship? Fantastic. Ugh.

-Kevin Nash wants to be in the Royal Rumble. I do too. Perhaps I should tweet Vince McMahon too. Of course, Vince has no idea who I am.

-Steve Austin says WWE is "too PG" for him. I wonder if that works the other way too. Meaning, if WWE ever went back to Attitude Era style programming, would John Cena be "too PG" as well?

-Mick Foley says he might have permanent brain damage. Austin said he'd still be wrestling if not for his injuries. Again, ignoramuses, please continue with that "wrestling is fake" argument. As if I haven't heard from enough idiots with the BART cop sentencing (still to come).

-Jerry Brown, one of the two possible evils we could have voted for, is the Governor-Elect in California. Well, I hope everyone has Dramamine, because we are about to drastically move backward. Employment be damned.

-I wasn't interested in Sid Vicious around WrestleMania 8, so I sure as hell am not interested in him now. I will commend him though for admitting WWE has no interest in him at this time. He could have spun it into some BS, but he didn't.

-Facebook pet peeve of the week: Status updates. If something funny happened, you had a fun night, or you took a cool trip, awesome. However, we don't need to know every little thing. We don't need to know when John takes a piss or Melanie puts in a tampon because she is spotting.

-Here in California, a BART transit cop accidentally shot and killed a criminal. It was deemed an accident and he was sentenced to two years. Because the shooter is white and the deceased man was black, this has become a huge race issue here. Ridiculous.

-If the cop was black, nobody would be complaining. If the man killed was white, nobody would be complaining. The angry parties here are not upset at the sentence or the crime; they are upset over the race of the person shot.

-There should be sorrow and grief over someone dying. Instead, this has become an excuse for malicious criminal activity. Let's loot our own city! Seriously, that's the only conclusion these geniuses can come to? Rioting? Absolutely pathetic. Stay classy Oakland.

-I hope everyone had a safe Halloween. Does anyone else think the day after Halloween should be a holiday? I think so. Everyone, including the kids, are out and up late the night before. Young adults unleash their inner sluts as shy males lick their chops. Parents deserve the day off too.

-By the way, I heard a story about teenagers approaching houses for candy without saying "Trick or Treat" or wearing a costume. Seriously? Like I said, have a sign that says "No candy for those who have hit puberty or those without a costume." Simply point at the sign to these teenagers.

-Now, have another kid sitting off to the side in a wheel chair with several "injuries." Have him wear a sign that says, "This happened to me after I tried to egg this house." Then when the teens get an attitude, simply point to the kid in the wheel chair. Problem solved.

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