Twilling's Weekend Brief: Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, better wrestling, the Hardys, concussions, stupid kids, Hulk Hogan, two crappy candidates for Governor in California, and more

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Oct 30, 2010 - 03:50 PM

By Rich Twilling

-Does WWE have a better WrestleMania match than Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker? They don't, and that is a problem with their product right now.

-I highly doubt it will happen, but it would be a huge get for WWE if they were able to land Lesnar.

-Speaking of Brock, I hope that wasn't the last we have seen of him and I would love to see him vs. Cain Velasquez again sometime next year.

-I don't know about you, but I want to see more Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler type matches and less Undertaker vs. Kane type matches.

-Obviously, Jeff Hardy didn't mean to give Mr. Anderson a concussion, but when giving someone a chair shot, shouldn't extreme caution be used? That being said, based on this, do we even need chairshots?

-MATTHEW Hardy, all caps, pretended to take calls from Vince McMahon, Dixie Carter, and Cary Silkin within five minutes. Matt is definitely a legend in his own mind. I'm guessing he wouldn't have been looking to get fired by WWE if Jeff wasn't already in TNA.

-By the way, to those fans on Hardy's YouTube page that thought this was legit, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn, there are some really stupid kids out there. I fully expect a slap fight to break out if these youngsters ever met in person, which would require them leaving the house.

-Did anyone else like Jeff's painted face with a suit on look? I thought it was strangely cool.

-Hulk Hogan said TNA is going to "start shooting." Everybody duck!

-Whatever TNA's "next big thing" is, I want them to let it play out before they promise anything. They don't need to change the landscape of the wrestling world with every decision they make. They just need to play to their strengths and take the "slowly but surely" approach.

-Kevin Thorn thought WWE dropped the ball with him and his vampire gimmick? Actually Kevin, you just never got over. The fans did not care about you or your gimmick.

-I hope TNA doesn't cross the line (pun not intended) with all of this head trauma talk. Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff are both heels, but they keep playing the "Old school, men are men" card. Sometimes you can go too far on a wrestling show and they are getting there.

-At least they have Matt Morgan giving the proper and intelligent response to someone wrestling while concussed.

-Steve Austin is a Grandfather. I'm sure there is a "Broken glass/broken hip" joke in there somewhere. Oh well. Congratulations Steve.

-I suppose I should mention John Cena and Wade Barrett. Okay, I just did it.

-Election week is coming up. We are screwed Governor-wise in California. We get Jerry Brown, who is horribly liberal and will give away the farm. Or, we get Meg Whitman, who may just be the devil dressed up as an unattractive middle aged woman. If she wins, I feel her lack of political experience will bite her in the ass. That being said, she is still better than Brown.

-Speaking of political experience, why do candidates say, "I am not a career politician." Why the f--- would we want you in office then? If I go have a surgery done, I want a career surgeon doing the procedure. If I am on a plane, I hope the pilot is a career pilot.

-I know the point they are making, but it makes them look like idiots. They all think they can get in there and do things nobody else has ever done. Get a clue. Their blind optimism alone should scare voters off, not to mention their inexperience.

-No Facebook pet peeve this week, but I will remind TNA of a previous entry. "There" is a location. "They're" means "They are." I cringe every time I see Abyss holding up that sign that says, "Theeeerrrrrrreeee heeeerrrreeee!" Nobody? I mean nobody noticed how that was incorrect? That's scarier than Abyss himself.

-From the "I can poke fun at myself file," yes, I realize it is "clothesline" and not "closeline." Of course, I have always known that, but I used to type the latter. Brain plays tricks on you sometimes.

-Happy Halloween to Julianna, Olivia, and Cameron. For everyone else out there, have a safe day and for you single guys, I hope you find your slutty pumpkin.

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