Twilling's WWE NXT Hitlist: Goldust and Aksana vs. Ted DiBiase and Maryse, Halloween costume and candy eating contests, the Bellas turning heel, and more

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Oct 27, 2010 - 12:48 PM

By Rich Twilling


Michael Cole: Cole opened the show by saying it was Halloween Week on NXT and the show was going to be horrifying. Not the best way to appreciate your audience, but funny nonetheless. This show is terrible and everyone knows it. I'm glad they let Cole let everyone know what he thinks.

Goldust: Goldust has been the ultimate professional in this current run with WWE. He has been in great shape, has been putting people over, and having good matches. On this show, he has managed to be very entertaining and in the process, he has gotten over Aksana, who was just another blonde girl when the show began.

WWE NXT Misses

Halloween costume contest: It was bad enough that the girls had to dress up in costumes, but then they wrestled in them. Naomi wrestled in a gigantic Hamburger Helper hand. A.J. wrestled as a ninja turtle while Primo held onto her shell. It's like every week, they find more ways to make the show more of a joke, just when you thought they couldn't do it.

Halloween candy eating contest: This reminded me of watching Daniel Bryan try to drink a large soda. A bunch of women who obviously take care of themselves are trying to down numerous candy bars. Great idea. On top of that, eating contests just gross me out. Hot dogs? Wet buns. Ugh. If anyone ever thought Kaitlyn was hot, just take one look at her after last night's contest.

Heel Bella Twins: I actually wouldn't mind this so much if they actually wrestled on Raw and if the current champion(s) were not heels themselves. Nikki Bella actually plays a pretty good heel and Brie is playing the reluctant babyface pretty well. I'm guessing they both turn heel, or we might get a feud between the two, which nobody wants or needs to see. They actually did it before when The Miz and John Morrison were feuding with Carlito and Primo.

Goldust and Aksana vs. Ted DiBiase and Maryse: Normally when this show gets a "guest star," it turns out to be a positive thing, but damn, DiBiase has fallen so far it doesn't even matter. Plus, he came to the show to get his million dollar belt back. During the match, he was in the corner right next to the timekeeper's area. Why didn't he just grab the damn thing? Logic be damned.

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