Twilling's WWE NXT Hitlist: Brodus Clay, three rookies showcase their personalities, dissension between Chris Masters and Bryon Saxton, obstacle course with idiot referee, Alberto Del Rio

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Dec 15, 2010 - 03:49 PM

By Rich Twilling


Brodus Clay: Week two is in the books and he is still the front runner. Last week, he jumped out of the gate as the most recognizable rookie and an intelligent talker. This week, he showed power, speed, and fundamentals in the ring. This class has some serious potential and Clay is the guy leading the way.

Derrick Bateman, Conor O'Brian, and Johnny Curtis showcase their personalities: Last week, I really didn't know who these three were. Now, Bateman is the crazy, Kenny Powers guy. O'Brian is the tweener who will be easy to root for given who his pro is. Curtis is an Austin Aries type of character who told a sad story in the process. Mission accomplished. They aren't just random guys anymore.

Introduction videos: I commend these a lot but they continue to deserve the praise. We need more pieces like these on Raw and Smackdown as well because oftentimes, we just have no idea who these guys are. The videos are a must on a show like NXT, but would also be beneficial for the other shows as well.

Dissension between Chris Masters and Byron Saxton: These two are basically the same character, so they should be in "friendly" competition with each other. Like someone trying to one up his brother, Saxton is trying to do so to Masters. It's working. I didn't like this pairing because Masters was involved, but this one will be beneficial to both guys.

WWE NXT Misses

Obstacle course and the referee judging pushups: All of the contests are unnecessary and at times, they are stupid, but this one was decent enough. However, the referees are idiots. The guy judging the pushups doesn't know how to count to ten. I guess he stopped learning after "three." Also, Curtis either fell off the balance beam or he didn't; why allow him to redo the entire thing? Thus, I just put more thought into this than WWE did the entire third season of NXT.

Alberto Del Rio wins a glorified squash: It's one thing for a rookie to face someone like Del Rio or Bryan and have a longer, competitive match with them. However, a Del Rio win in about three minutes in the main event slot of the show does no good for anybody. It didn't do Bateman any favors and Del Rio didn't gain anything either.

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