Twilling's WWE NXT Hitlist: Aksana marries Goldust and then walks out on him, two Hall of Famers appear, predictable elimination, and more

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Nov 3, 2010 - 12:53 PM

By Rich Twilling


Announce team hits a new high (or low): Michael Cole wore a tuxedo t-shirt. Awesome. They even pointed out that the wedding between Goldust and Aksana wasn't real. Talk about cramming home the message that the show didn't matter. The announce team of Cole and Josh Mathews has been the best thing about this show.

Maxine eliminated: Maxine was the logical choice. Kaitlyn, Aksana, Naomi, and A.J. all have compelling reasons to be left on the show. Maxine played a heel, but then was shown making out with Hornswoggle backstage, so we never really knew what her character was supposed to be. We know what happened to Jamie after she was eliminated, so we'll see if Maxine suffers the same fate.

WWE NXT Misses

Ted DiBiase Sr. and Dusty Rhodes appear on the show: It was nice to see two WWE Hall of Famers on the show, but on NXT? That seemed like a huge waste. By the way, with Ted Jr. trying to stop the wedding and Cody Rhodes standing up with his brother, the Rhodes family and DiBiase family continue to be very connected in wrestling history. Remember Sapphire?

Aksana marries Goldust and then turns heel on him: Honestly, I did not see this one coming, because I did not care to see it coming. So Aksana is a heel now. Awesome. Does she realize Goldust could just annul the marriage and send her packing? Wait, we are supposed to suspend logic? Okay, got it. I guess the main question now is what's next for Aksana? Will she be interesting and entertaining without Goldust leading the way?

Pro vs. Pro match: Kelly Kelly faced Alicia Fox on this show and it was more attention than the women's division has been given in a long time. It also seemed horribly out of place on this show. Of course, any match seems horribly out of place on this show.

Competitions: Honestly, I don't remember the competitions and who won them. The show was last night. I have a very good memory. Enough said.

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