Twilling's WWE NXT Hitlist: A.J. vs. Naomi, Nikki Bella, Vickie Guerrero, A.J. gets eliminated, sumo wrestling, Cole and Josh

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Nov 24, 2010 - 01:10 PM

By Rich Twilling


A.J. vs. Naomi: Good match and great effort from both ladies in what was probably the best women's match WWE has seen in a very long time. The division has been horrible, but that is still a compliment to these two. Say A.J. and Naomi both get used going forward, they probably won't wrestle another five minute match for a very long time, if ever.

Nikki Bella; Nikki has shown some ability in the ring in the past and it showed again last night during her match with Kaitlyn. In a division that needs serious depth, it is surprising that they don't do more in the ring with the Divas they currently have. It took them forever to get current champion Natalya into the ring.

No Vickie Guerrero screaming on the mic: Just a little thing, but it was nice to get a break from that this week.

WWE NXT Misses

A.J. eliminated: I realize there is only one week left of the show and good thing too, because A.J. was the most enjoyable rookie to watch on the show. She had the most knowledge of the product, she seemed genuinely excited to be there, and the fans took to her. She also proved she can go in the ring.

Sumo and Trivia competitions: The trivia competition was just boring. Not much more to say about that. The sumo wrestling competition was the very fat icing on the cake of how horrible this season has been. However, you have to feel a little bit bad for the girls because it isn't their fault that WWE has elected not to take this seriously. I would love to hear the first shoot interview from one of them.

Michael Cole and Josh Mathews: There were a couple of good one-liners, but the gimmick is fading fast, and with A.J. being gone too, it's a good thing the show is ending next week. When Cole is around, it says a lot when someone else is the dork of the duo, and Mathews just comes across as a dork trying to act like the cooler of the two, Cole.

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