Twilling's TNA Turning Point preview and predictions: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Heavyweight Championship, Fortune vs. EV2, Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D for the TNA Tag Team Championships in Team 3D's final match

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Nov 7, 2010 - 03:03 PM

By Rich Twilling

The following predictions are being made without any inside knowledge of the match finishes. I am guessing just like you are.

-Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Heavyweight Championship: If this is a usual TNA PPV main event, we could see one of a number of swerves. Morgan could lay down for Hardy and reveal he never left Immortal after all. If this was the case, Mr. Anderson would have to make some sort of big return tonight, because they couldn't just give up their main event, but it wouldn't be wise to give away a non-advertised Anderson match.

Secondly, there could be early dissension within Immortal with Fortune wanting to break out and be the dominant group within the group. Morgan could win the title with the help of Fortune, but it would be hard to explain the ass kicking Morgan received from the entire group. So, I don't see either of these happening.

I will go with a screwy finish, but Hardy retaining the title with interference from some of his boys. The key here is making Morgan look strong despite not winning the match. Morgan could easily be forgotten once Anderson comes back, but I hope that is not the case. Morgan doesn't have to win the belt here, but he should firmly remain in the title picture even with Anderson back.

-The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D for the TNA Tag Team Championships in Team 3D's final match: This one can only go one way, right? Brother Ray turns heel on Brother Devon sometime during the match and walks out on him. The Guns get the win and retain the belts. Ray comes back out and either attacks Ray or berates him on the mic, leading to a singles program between the two.

-EV2 vs. Fortune with the winning team firing one member of the losing team: Fortune has yet to get a win against EV2, so they will get one tonight. Both Rhino and Sabu are rumored to be leaving TNA, but I will go with Sabu being fired by Fortune. What is more intriguing is what will happen next with these two groups, as those within Fortune should move into actual programs and not just a group feud.

-Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe: I think the secondary Immortal matches on this show will go to the TNA wrestlers, beginning with this one. Joe, despite some interference from somebody in Immortal, will get the win here.

-Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E. for the TNA X Division Championship: I think TNA loves the Jersey Shore gimmick, so they are going to go all the way with it. Robbie E gets the win the and X Division Championship here. Those in the Impact Zone, if they continue as they have, will crap all over this gimmick.

-Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam: Eventually, I think Dreamer will be the guy who ends up being in Immortal, but that will not be revealed tonight. I do think Dreamer will end up winning this match after somebody in the group interferes on Dreamer's behalf. Dreamer will pretend to be upset and/or unknowing of the help, but it will be revealed later that he knew about it all along.

-Mickie James vs. Tara: It is too bad how quickly Mickie became just another member of the Knockouts Division, but it has happened. Nonetheless, I think Mickie will be a future Knockouts Champion, so she will get the win here.

-Abyss vs. D'Angelo Dinero in a lumberjack match: This one doesn't feel important at all. Dinero is the guy standing up for TNA against Immortal, but Abyss's character just isn't all that compelling right now. I guess I'll go with Dinero here, with help from his congregation. Not sure what the win will do for him, or the loss for Abyss, but I'll go with Pope.

-Check back here tonight and follow along with Jason Powell, who will be covering the event as it airs on pay-per-view.

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