Twilling's TNA Impact Hitlist: Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle return to the show, Fortune beats down Matt Morgan, Doug Williams vs. Kazarian, Team 3D, Angelina Love and Winter, and more

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Dec 3, 2010 - 02:48 PM

By Rich Twilling

TNA Impact Hits

Mr. Anderson returns and becomes the referee of the main event at Final Resolution: WWE nails returns like these when you have your beat down moment, loud entrance music hits, the heels look shocked for a second, and the wrestler makes his return. TNA does this in fast forward with audibly low entrance music.

Nonetheless, Anderson was good here in his return. He delivered a "from the heart" promo and given the real life issues with head trauma and concussions, the promo was credible. I didn't love Morgan's over the top smiling and facial expressions, but Anderson was good here. His addition as the referee at the PPV will stack the deck for Morgan and cause people to think he might turn. Creating intrigue for a pay-per-view main event is always a good thing.

Doug Williams vs. Kazarian: Impact matches are rarely good these days, but Williams is always very good in the ring. Although this was a short match and it was designed to wet our appetites for Williams vs. A.J. Styles, it was still good and a rare in-ring treat on Impact. I love the push Williams is getting.

Fist pump contest between Jay Lethal and Robbie.: I did include this in this section on purpose. Yes, the contest was ridiculous. However, they have a match on pay-per-view in a few days, so TNA needed to give some final hype for it, and they succeeded. It's nice to see some attention paid to a mid-card match.

The dynamic between Angelina Love and Winter: TNA has successfully created two Knockouts programs that don't involve the Knockouts Champion, Madison Rayne. Winter has been phenomenal in her role thus far and I like the relationship they have forged between her and Angelina.

TNA Impact Misses

Kurt Angle returns: Angle leaves and returns a lot now, but nonetheless, this was not treated as a big deal. Angle surprisingly appeared during the Reaction hour and it was a very ho-hum return. It is obvious they are eventually setting up for an Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett program, and I'm not sure if it is going to come across as a top notch program.

Matt Morgan gets beaten down by Fortune: I know Fortune and Immortal are channeling the NWO with the power and the beatings, but sometimes it just feels like we have seen it way too much. Anderson did make his return, and Jeff Hardy teasing he was going to hit Morgan with the same errant chair shot he hit Anderson with was solid, but overall, it was more of the same old stuff.

Non-finishes: Morgan could not get the three count on Rhino and the tag team main event ended with a ridiculous disqualification where the referee called something he did not see. Don't get me started on that crap. These non-finishes are happening way too often. These guys can take losses Vinny Ru.

Mickie James and Tara brawl all night: Pull apart brawls are supposed to be met with shock and awe type of reactions, but again, these fall into the "been there, done that" category. We should be impressed with the physicality, but instead, the reaction is more, "When is this going to be over?"

Team 3D back and forth promo: Nothing unexpected or surprising came out of this. Devon repeated the same things over and over and over again. We all thought it was ridiculous when Ray said he was the strong link and carried Devon for fifteen years. Honestly, it was equally ridiculous for Devon to say Ray was a coward and a bully that entire time. Why did he stay with him then? Here is another program few people want to see.

Opening four way tag team match: Given the teams involved, of course the action was fun to watch, but a match with so many teams should never end in a few minutes. That match reminded me of Wrestling Society X. Too much, too fast. TNA opening the show with that was a metaphor for their entire product. Slow down. Tell a story.

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