Twilling's TNA Impact Hitlist: Mickie James vs. Tara in a steel cage, Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson have issues, Jeff Jarrett, fake Team 3D, The Pope, Knockout Tag Titles, Eric Young, and more

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Dec 10, 2010 - 01:33 PM

By Rich Twilling

TNA Impact Hits

Mickie James vs. Tara in a steel cage: This was good on so many levels. Looking back on it, this personal feud has been built up very well. These two have animosity toward each other that goes back a long way. They do not like each other. They come to blows when they see each other. Wrestling booking does not need to reinvent the wheel. This feud is basic and the best feud in TNA right now.

The match itself was what you would expect from two very good female wrestlers. They had a physical battle that told a very good story. The cage match was well placed as the end of their program, like a cage match used to be way back when. I also like that they received the main event slot and for the first time in a long time, the main event was just a great match and not a bunch of overbooked crap.

Tension between Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan: Morgan stepped into the main event slot vacated by Anderson when Anderson was out with an injury. Anderson was forced into a match by Eric Bischoff and he felt he had no choice but to go along with it. Morgan, who stood up for Anderson when no one else would, was pissed about this. They argued. They now have an issue headed into their match at Genesis. Again, simple, logical, and good.

Eric Bischoff's fake empathy: Bischoff plays this role very well. When he is a dick like this, it is his character at its best. The irony here is that too much of Eric on TV probably isn't the best thing, but we want to see him get his ass kicked. They could probably get some solid momentum by booking an Anderson vs. Bischoff or Morgan vs. Bischoff special attraction match on Impact.

Jeff Jarrett's MMA Challenge: TNA had some success with this when Awesome Kong was issuing open challenges to those in the audience. At first I thought the gimmick was too corny, but I am amused by it now. I think the longer they stay with this, the more over it will get. I do wonder about the payoff, as Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle have to get their payback (right?). So, we aren't going to get a surprise somebody coming out of the crowd. Nonetheless, this is working right now.

Brother Ray enlists the help of a fake Brother Devon: I wasn't thrilled about a Ray vs. Devon program, but the fake Team 3D tag team is a new twist on things. This is not a main event program, so it isn't bad. It looks like they are going to speed through it, but something that could have been a lot worse has a little promise.

Early build to the MCMG vs. Beer Money: I'll say it now; this is the tag team feud that can put the entire division back on the map. I hope they book this over a few months at least. I'm not confident in that, but as of right now, I'm looking forward to what they are doing.

Douglas Williams: He is currently the Television Champion, a belt that hasn't meant a damn thing regardless of what they called it. He is also turning out the best matches on TNA television. A long, drawn out feud with A.J. Styles could really do wonders for the belt and I hope they put some thought into this as well. They have an opportunity here with two championships that they haven't had in a long time.

TNA Impact Misses

The Pope's sermon: Pope lost to Abyss at the pay-per-view and then decided to have a ceremony involving a casket and gospel singers. It's amazing that a guy with so much ability is not getting over at all. Sure, some of the live audience eats it up, but he is just not very interesting right now. Hopefully that changes in the near future.

Knockout Tag Team Championships: Since the belts were vacated, I was hoping they would forget about them. Now, I think I counted seven female wrestlers (including Winter), and they have three belts for them. Not necessary. Put the belts on ice until they double the number of women on the roster.

Eric Young: Young is acting like a hybrid of Hornswoggle and Eugene. He is an adult acting like a slow and overeager child. Apparently too, we are getting more of his team with Orlando Jordan, as they will face Generation Me next week. There is a place for Young and character development is a good thing; I just don't enjoy the character.

Tension within Immortal: Since the group got together, Douglas Williams and Matt Morgan have left the group and now Eric Bischoff is after A.J. Styles, with Abyss possibly to follow. This super power should have reigned for awhile before any type of dissension took place. I wish they would slow down a little bit and build this group up so the vast number of babyfaces on the roster would have someone to feud with.

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